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People search is back!

by Ivana McConnell on Aug 25 2017

Today, we announce a feature that brings a big improvement to Customer.io, especially to those on our new infrastructure.

Previously, if you wanted to find a particular person in your Customer.io database, you had to remember their exact email address, right down to the domain name and extension. Not ideal. This also manifested in our message composer, where you couldn’t search for a particular user at all. Now you can search for people much more effectively in those two spots (the People page and the message composer), and get to the information you need, faster!

What’s changed?

Long-time customers will realise that this is a reincarnation an old feature of Customer.io. When implementing Google Cloud, we had to remove some searching and sorting capabilities, until we could return them both in a more scalable way. This is the beginning of that effort!

1. The People page

Here, you can search your whole Customer.io database for a specific person (or people), if you remember a piece of their email address. You can search for the start of the email, or for the domain name (after the @ symbol), in the box at the top:

Search on the People page

So if you have these people in your database:

  • hello@tweety.com
  • tweety@acme.com
  • tweetybird@mail.com
  • elmer@acme.com
  • hello+tweety@acme.com
  • sylvester@mail.com
  • the.roadrunner@mail.com
  • coyote@examplemail.com

if you’re looking for tweety, you can find them, however many there are:

  • hello@tweety.com
  • tweety@acme.com
  • tweetybird@gmail.com

Or if you’re looking for all the acme.com folks, you can search for them too:

  • tweety@acme.com
  • elmer@acme.com
  • hello+tweety@acme.com

One thing to notes is that you can’t (yet) combine these searches with the filters.

2. The Composer

Previously, search functionality didn’t work here at all in GCE; we’ve fixed that! Now, when you’re creating a message for a campaign, you will be able to search for a particular email or domain, to test your message content.

Search in composer

Type at least three characters and when there’s an exact match, we’ll display it…

Match in composer

…or let you know that we couldn’t find it:

Couldn't find an email!

Going forward!

Right now, you can’t combine this search with the filters below it.

In the future, we’ll look into making this feature more scalable and more powerful. Let us know what you’d like to see, and how you search!

Got ideas? Questions? Need a hand? We’re here for you at win@customer.io!

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