Product Updates

May Release Notes

Jun 14 2018

New Features!

Here’s a quick summary of the new features and improvements that we released in May:

People Imports: Yes! You can now upload lists of people (and people attributes) into your account! Here’s documentation on uploading people via CSV, including how to prep your file, upload, and troubleshoot.

Copy workflow items between campaigns and workspaces! No need to recreate emails, any other workflow items, or even whole campaigns, from scratch if you’d like to use it again!

Link checker: This quick-as-a-click tool ensures that all links in your message are working as you expect, without having to test each one from the preview or a test message. Here’s how the link checker works.

Archive layouts that you don’t use anymore. They’ll stop cluttering up your Email Layouts area while keeping the associated campaign(s) and data intact.

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May 31 2018

As a distributed team, one of the best parts of coming together during our retreats is simply being able to work together in the same room. It gives us an opportunity to take advantage of the spontaneous creativity, conversations and ideas that sometimes only arise when we’re co-located, chatting over breakfast or brainstorming how best to answer a customer support ticket. To capitalize on this and give it some structure, we have a hackathon - an activity that allows us to quickly and creatively tackle opportunities for growth that we see across our business. This year’s hackathon was our third. The theme?

“Let’s make customers' lives easier.”

We also added a voting component so that the winning teams could win a cool trophy (and bragging rights) in the process!

The economically-named “Golden Rocket Pigeon of Victory” and the “Regular Rocket Pigeon Man of Almost Victory” - built by Paul!

With a bit of planning and pitching projects, the teams were able to get going on Day 1. We built nearly 20 prototypes and scrappy MVPs of internal and customer-facing projects. In the days and weeks that followed, we prioritized and put those projects into the product queue and have been bringing them to life.We’re now ready to start sharing the first releases!

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April Release Notes

May 3 2018

Two Big Beta Features

We released two new features in April that are still in beta (here’s what a beta feature means). Catch up on our announcements to learn more:

  • Drag-and-drop email editor: You may have already noticed our new drag-and-drop editor...

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Beta feature alert: Push notifications!

Apr 10 2018

Hot on the heels of one beta release, here comes another! Today, we proudly announce a beta release of a new message type: mobile push notifications for both iOS and Android, with all of’s personalization powers.

Beta means we need your help as development continues; this is just the start of our journey of making just as great for push as we are for email. We want you to be able to communicate thoughtfully with your customers, no matter the medium. For example…

  • Combine messages: Send a follow-up email if a push notification doesn’t drive a conversion
  • Act on event data: when a user enters a specific area, send a push to tell them about areas of interest nearby!
  • Be platform-aware: Let users know via push when you release features specific to their platform!

And that’s just scratching the surface. Read on to learn more, including how to get started!

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Beta feature alert: Drag-and-drop editor!

Apr 9 2018

For a long time, we’ve been hearing your request for a drag-and-drop message-builder – and today we’re proud to announce a beta release of exactly that. Now, without any required HTML/CSS knowledge, you can easily build drag-and-drop emails that work consistently across email clients— with all the power of customer data that you’ve come to expect from

“Beta” means we need your help as we continue to develop it; this is part of a much greater goal, that of making all types of messaging experiences easier and more intuitive to build in

Read on to find out what’s changed, how to use the new editor, and how to give us feedback!

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March Release Notes

Mar 30 2018

We’ve got a few big things cooking for you! In the meantime, here are some of the things we improved for you this past month.


We’re committed to being ready for GDPR compliance before May 25, 2018. Here’s what we’re doing to prepare.


  • It’s easy to move between workflow actions now. Just click outside of them! (Previously the only way to collapse an expanded workflow item was to click “close”, which made moving around in the workflow frustrating.)

workflow action UI improvement

  • Exporting people with “all attributes” got a bit faster, especially for accounts with a lot of attributes.
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February Release Notes

Feb 28 2018

Here’s what was new and improved in February!

Feature Improvements

Choose which attributes to export to CSV

From the People page in, you can now choose which attributes you’d like to include when exporting user data to CSV.

You’ll see a new dropdown where you can choose from three options to export:

  • All attributes
  • Displayed attributes (what you have currently displayed in the People table)
  • Choose attributes

Export options from People Search page

As before, you can still add filters to specify segments and/or attribute conditions to refine which users will be exported. Head here to learn more details.

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January Release Notes

Jan 31 2018

ICYMI: New Features

First, a quick overview of the larger updates to in January:

  • We introduced a brand new triggered campaign type: API Triggered Broadcasts! Automatically send one message to many people in response to an API call — great for recurring messages that have a similar structure but where you’d want to fill in different, up-to-the-moment data.

  • Have you set up time windows on your conversion goals yet?


  • Segment-building just got easier with our new “between” conditions. Now you can segment for an attribute that is a timestamp between or is between two values. Instead of having to create two separate conditions and sometimes having to do confusing time travel calculations, now you can define a simple rule in one go.
    setting timestamp is between segment condition

    The new is a timestamp between condition also gives you more control over specifying the date and time. Use is a timestamp between to create a segment of people who signed up in a specific month, for example. Or use the is between to create a segment of customers who gave you an NPS score between 7 and 10.
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Twilio SMS: Now with Alphanumeric Sender ID!

Jan 31 2018

We first launched our Twilio action back in 2016, and since then, we have made several improvements and additions— short code support among them. But we also got questions about Alphanumeric Sender ID - sending SMS messages with your company or brand name as the sender, rather than a phone number. This kind of send, though one-way, allows for maximum brand visibility and a strong first impression. And now, we support it in!

Read on to learn more about what’s changed, and how you can start sending Twilio SMS using your own Alphanumeric Sender IDs.

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API Triggered Broadcasts: welcoming a new campaign type!

Jan 24 2018

Say your app connects volunteers with local charities in need. You want to send a message to your volunteers every time a new charity in their locale puts in a request for volunteers. With API triggered broadcasts, you can send new requests for volunteers, as they come in, to everyone in a specific area and send those messages over any medium like email, SMS, or push.

When sending news or automated updates to groups of people, there’s no reason that these broadcasts can’t be just as relevant as the rest of your messaging.

Introducing API Triggered Broadcasts from! With this new campaign type, you can automatically send one message to many people quickly in response to an API call— but still use up-to-the-moment data to personalize it. This way, you set up your campaign and messaging once. Then all you need to do is set up your API call and you’re good to go.

Read on to learn more about this new campaign and how it works. We’ve also got a video for you!

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