Fintech Customer Engagement

Bad Messaging Leaves Money on the Table

Guide customers through key moments in your FinTech funnel, converting interested sign-ups into loyal spenders, lenders, and investors.

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Secure & Compliant Engagement

Your customer’s personal and financial data require the utmost care and protection. is SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliant. Utilize your customer data to build your best campaigns, all while keeping your messaging compliant.

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KYC, as easy as 1-2-3

Know-your-customer (KYC) steps like ID verification and linking a bank account are common spots where leads drop off. allows you to build campaigns that react in real-time to drop-off behaviors, and get your future customers back on track.


Nurture Long-Term Adoption

Increase monthly active users by reminding your customers of their progress towards their individual financial goals. Ensure greater lifetime value by guiding them towards other relevant products.


Ensure ROI with Testing & Analysis

Show ROI to leadership with the ability to test and report on how individual messages or entire customer journeys lead to engagement and revenue. Plus, automatically sync results to your data warehouse and analytics tools for in-depth analysis.

Heloisa Assis,, Marketing

“Recently, I created a segment for people who had asked for a feature we were launching. Those emails perform really well because people know that we’re paying attention to what they’ve asked for. With, it’s really easy and saves me a lot of time.”

—Heloisa Assis,, Marketing Manager
Case Study How Olivia Doubled their Onboarding Activation Rate


Popular Campaigns Amongst Our FinTech Customers


Account Info Needed

Remind users to link to a bank account or a credit/debit card. 



Transfer Funds

Send transaction details to keep users aware of their account activity.

Email SMS Push


Authorize New Device

Ask users to confirm it’s them before they can access the account.

Email SMS


Withdrawal Notification

Let your users know when a withdrawal has been initiated.

Email SMS Push

important tax info

Important Tax Info

Help your users navigate through the complex filings of tax documentation.

Email SMS


Configure 2FA

Remind your users of the importance of web security.