Prove the value of your financial services to your customers.

Your messaging strategy should be like your services: speedy, user-friendly, and efficient. With, you can quickly craft messages that meet your strategic goals and impress your customers. 


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No matter who your customers are or what transactions they’re doing, keeps your company’s data secure.

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Invest in Customer Engagement

You should be keeping your customers up-to-date across channels, at the time they’re most likely to be engaged. Email, push, SMS, and even webhooks are at your disposal — together with our sophisticated targeting software. 


Send Messages as Rapidly as You Finance

Use to segment your audiences based on real-time events and attributes, and trigger campaigns when specific conditions are met.


Bank on Metrics

Drive adoption and reduce churn by defining custom conversion goals to track the success of your campaigns. Once a campaign is live, find your strengths and areas of improvement by analyzing Journey Metrics and Workflow Metrics within the platform.



Popular Campaigns Amongst Our FinTech Customers


Account Info Needed

Remind users to link to a bank account or a credit/debit card. 



Transfer Funds

Send transaction details to keep users aware of their account activity.

Email SMS Push


Authorize New Device

Ask users to confirm it’s them before they can access the account.

Email SMS


Withdrawal Notification

Let your users know when a withdrawal has been initiated.

Email SMS Push

important tax info

Important Tax Info

Help your users navigate through the complex filings of tax documentation.

Email SMS


Configure 2FA

Remind your users of the importance of web security.