Everything You Need to Automate Messages at Scale

Whether you’re looking to send targeted one-to-one messages, broadcast to a group of people, or win back people who have gone inactive, dream up and create campaigns with no code required.

Flexible Data Integrations

Unlike traditional marketing platforms that rely on manual uploads or form completions, Customer.io provides multiple ways to get real-time business data from your product. This keeps your user database up-to-date and powers all of your automated messaging.

Direct Integration

Our RESTful API allows you to create, update, and delete people as well as send events from your application. There are libraries available in multiple languages (including Ruby, Python, Go, and more).

You can also upload user data as a CSV or manually add new people through the UI to start sending even faster.

Third-Party Integrations

If you’re already using Segment, your integration can be completed in just a few clicks. Segment will collect the data you’ve already defined and deliver it to Customer.io.

Customer.io also supports data coming in from Facebook Lead Ads, Zapier or mParticle, and are building new third-party integrations all the time.

Comprehensive Segmentation

Customer.io’s segmentation platform is built for speed. Segments are calculated in real-time and performance scales with your business.

With the visual segment builder, you can be incredibly specific with whom you target. You’ll be able to group people by:

  • personal attributes
  • the pages they see
  • what they do in your product
  • anything else that you send to Customer.io

Workflow Automation

The rules-based visual workflow builder allows you to create high-performance campaigns in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Reach your customer whenever and wherever they are. Make an impact.

Available Actions:






Attribute Update

Timezone Match

Wait Until…

True/False Branches

Multi-Split Branches

Random Cohort Branches

Trigger conditions

A Transactional API Built for You

Built for speed, deliverability, and reliability. Our Transactional API offers the flexibility to apply your existing layouts and styles in Customer.io to your transactional messages. Consistent branding is essential across all your messages, not just marketing emails.

Message Editors You’ll Want to Use

No business is the same. Chose from a drag-and-drop, HTML, or Rich Text editors. Pick from starter templates or import your own, and then craft your message. Merge customer profile data and event data into your message right in the editor. When you finish, desktop and mobile previews are created with live data.

Query a Collection

A Collection is another way of storing data in Customer.io. Easily import sets of data that represent “things” in your business, and query those Collections to send more personalized messages to each individual user.

Turn Segments into Ad Audiences

Start saving time and money by syncing your Customer.io segments to your ad networks. Rather than manually uploading CSVs to both Google and Facebook, you can create one segment in Customer.io that will send the same audience to any ad network with just one click. When your users join or leave the segment, Customer.io will automatically update the ad networks audiences to ensure your ads are targeted with the most up-to-date information.

Metrics and Optimization

Move beyond opens and clicks to measure the success of your campaigns by the number of conversions and the amount of revenue they drive.

Test campaign subject lines, senders, message content, and more with A/B testing.

Export your data as a CSV for further analysis, or send it to your data warehouse to combine with other business data.

Best-In-Class Support

Need a hand? With a 95% happiness score, our support team is making amazing things happen. Every customer has access to email support and will hear back within 24-hours.

For email senders, deploy your email automation with confidence. Dedicated deliverability experts make sure your messages get where they need to go, no matter the scale. And if you’re already using one of the major SMTP providers, Customer.io has built-in integrations with SendGrid, Mailgun, and Mandrill.

Security and Privacy

Account and data security are top of mind with Customer.io. 

Multiple Workspaces

Use multiple workspaces to organize your message automation efforts. Control which workspaces are production-ready and which workspaces are for testing.

User Permissions

Control who on your team can edit and create workflows and messages, and which users can only view the campaigns and their metrics.

Two-Factor Authentication

Enabling 2FA means that even if your regular password is ever compromised or stolen, only you can log into your account.


You’ll have complete control over your users’ data in order to be compliant with GDPR.

Unlimited Seats

You’ll never be charged for the number of people you have working in Customer.io. Every person can get their own login to ensure better management and accountability. 


Chose annual billing for better rates, but you’ll never be forced into a long-term contract or commitment.