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Build and test your most creative messaging flows provides a blank canvas for you to design and implement your business’s unique messaging strategy.

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Flexible data integrations that fit your business needs provides multiple ways to get real-time business data from your product into our platform to power all of your automated messaging and keep your user database up-to-date.

Direct Integration

Our RESTful API allows you to create, update, and delete people. You can also send event data from your application to in multiple library languages (including Ruby, Python, Go, and more).

Upload user data as a CSV file, sync data from a SQL database with our Reverse ETL, or manually add new people through the UI to start sending messages even faster.
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Third-Party Integration

If you’re already using Segment , mParticle , Hull , or RudderStack your integration can be completed in just a few clicks! also supports data coming in from Zapier and adds new third-party integrations all the time.
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Narrow down your audience’s segmentation engine is built for speed and flexibility. Segments are calculated in real-time and performance scales with your business. With no limits on segmentation, you can be incredibly specific with whom you target.

  • Group people by…

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    Personal attributes

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    Pages they view

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    What they do in your product

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    Anything else that you send with

  • Use segments for…

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    Recipient lists

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    Campaign triggers

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    Conversion goals

See individual profile data

Sometimes you need to isolate a specific person or a set of people by attributes. Easily view a full log of event and attribute data, where users are engaging, what messages they have received, and more.

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Turn Segments into Ad Audiences

Start saving time and money by syncing your segments to your ad network of choice. Retargeting the right users and showing the best ads to your most valued customers is seamless with
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Spend more time on strategy and less on building

Our rules-based visual workflow builder gives you the control you’ve longed for and the power needed to define your optimal user experience.
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A Transactional API built for you

Built for speed, deliverability, and reliability. Our Transactional API offers the flexibility to apply your existing layouts and styles in to your transactional messages. Consistent branding is essential across all your messages, not just marketing emails.
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Mobile made easy

Effortlessly weave in-app messages and push notifications into your messaging strategy alongside your emails and SMS. Combine behavior-driven segmentation with eye-catching content to create push notifications your customers want to receive.
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Send more personalized messages with  Collections

You have the tools to target the right users with Take it one step further and use Collections to include specific information about your business and tailor it for each individual person. Importing your Collection data is easy. Upload a CSV, Google Sheet, or use our API.
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Connect with Customers through Newsletters

Make every announcement count. Use to send multichannel newsletters within the user’s time zone to make sure your Terms of Service update or new feature brief lands at the top of the inbox.

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Real-time data you can rely on

Move beyond opens and clicks to measure the success of your campaigns. Deep dive into the number of conversions and the amount of revenue they drive by filtering, viewing, and comparing metrics across all of your workspaces.

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Dashboard view

Stay on top of your messaging health. Monitor your message leaderboard, segment membership, active A/B tests, and delivery metrics to identify spikes or trends over time.

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Export your data

Connect your data and internal reporting via CSV exports, or send the data directly to your data warehouse or other top tools.

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Analysis Reports

Compare campaigns, newsletters, and API-Triggered Broadcasts metrics across your entire workspace in seconds. Shake things up and define reports by name, tags, channel type, or specific time ranges.

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Test your hypothesis, optimize your strategy

Turn every idea into a test. Whether it’s a single piece of a message or an entire flow, put it into action. Experiment with campaign subject lines, message content, delivery time, and more. Keep track of all the running a/b tests right from the dashboard.

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We scale with you

Whether your organization is at the enterprise or start-up level, we have the infrastructure to support you. Enjoy the flexibility to scale your messages as you grow. Used by businesses with 100M+ customers.


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Best-in-class technical support when you need it

With a 99% CSAT score, our support team ensures the highest level of success. Every customer has access to email support and will hear back within 24-hours.

“You guys always have legit support. I’ve used you for five years now at different companies and you’re always my pick. No different here. Absolute advocate of your brand.”

“Aaron’s email was the best response that I have ever got from technical support teams from any company. It has the most details. I really appreciate him.

“You honestly have the BEST customer support. So quick, thorough, and resolves all our questions fast. I lead our Customer Experience team and I use you guys as an example.

“The technical support from is consistently great! I received a prompt and well manner response from Aaron. Aaron’s email answered my question exactly, offered me continued support and was very well written in general…It is a genuine pleasure to correspond with their team.”

“Your support team member (Aaron) was able to dig into our account and find the root cause of my question. He provided helpful links and information to help me troubleshoot should a similar issue arise in the future. On top of that, the answer was prompt. Thank you!”

“Never disappointed with the level of service received from I always receive prompt, polite and helpful replies from the team. At this point, I look forward to finding a reason to contact. Keep it up!!”

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“My question was understood well and replied accordingly. Nice to see the empathy.