Marketing Automation for EdTech Businesses

There is always room to grow. Capture your audience’s attention and make it easy to learn by delivering relevant content. 

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Reach the Right Audience

Everyone learns at a different pace. Structure message campaigns to introduce new ideas and lessons based on real-time data. 


Message in a Variety of Ways

Communicate well and broadly. Keep users motivated and adapt trigger-based messages to engage and help explain concepts across multiple channels (SMS, push notifications, and email).

Instill Confidence

Be direct and clear in your messaging. Make sure users understand the benefits and value of your product through automation and A/B testing. 

Define Your Success

Learning should be goal-oriented. Whether you complete a task, pass a test, or finish a course, you should always have a way of measuring success. In, a conversion is defined as both a goal and a metric.

“This has been, hands down, my best experience with any email or marketing automation SaaS company.”

Greg Sherrid, Whooo’s Reading Co-Founder and CTO


Popular Campaigns Amongst Our EdTech Customers

Tips to Learn

Provide examples of how to apply the lessons learned from your service. 

Email SMS Push


Show that you’re paying attention and recommend related material.

Email Push


Ask your students if they considered taking another course.

Email Push

Reached Goal

Encourage users to commit to a goal and share their journey with the community. 

Email Push

Introduce A New Class

Offer a promo code to encourage enrollment for a new class or skill.

Email SMS Push


Winback your churned subscribers.

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