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EdTech Customer Engagement

Engage Learners

Onboard and retain learners with campaigns personalized to their content & courses.

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Drive Course Enrollment

Learners can’t learn if they don’t take the first step. Guide new sign-ups towards course enrollment based on their interests and goals.

Keep Learners Engaged

Learners stick around when they find value and reach milestones. Motivate them with personalized progress updates based on their most recent behaviors in your app.

Nurture and Retain

Drill down into the data that matters to your learner journey, including customer attributes, events, metadata, and page views. Create segments that capture learners who show warning signs of inactivity or churn. Use these behaviors to trigger campaigns to nurture and retain them.

Define Your Success

Create custom conversion goals specific to your learner journey and test how variations in channel, cadence, and message drive success.

“We send close to 1,000 unique event properties to They offer us the unique opportunity to leverage all of these properties to further personalize our email campaigns resulting in higher open and click rates. Other tools did not allow for this.”

Lucas van den Houten, Co-Founder, StuDocu

Case Study How StuDocu Keeps Their 15 Million Global Monthly Users Engaged


Retention Recipes

Unlock strategies to stop churn and boost loyalty at four key customer lifecycle moments. Leverage behavioral data to more effectively to guide customers to stronger product adoption and greater lifetime value.

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Webinar: Lifecycle Marketing for EdTech Growth

Learn from a panel of EdTech lifecycle marketers who use to help create more personalized learning experiences, and retain customers long-term.


Live Build: Testing and Attribution

A marketers mission is to continuously elevate the customer experience, so being data-driven is a must. Learn how to make experimentation an integral part of your campaign-building workflow.