Learn to create messages that accelerate the customer lifecycle

To create real experiences between you and your customers, your messaging has to feel tailored to each individual user—who they are, how they use your product, and where they are in the customer lifecycle. Using behavioral data and marketing automation, you can craft really engaging messages that are specific in timing and in content to each user, all at scale.

Grab our guide and learn how to speed up the customer lifecycle through better onboarding, retention, and conversion messages—with 9 actionable tips and examples.

Here's a sneak peek

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in this starter guide:

Chapter 1

Who do you think you are?

The right from address makes the difference between a recipient instantly deleting versus being glad to hear from you.

Chapter 2

Perfect an awesome pickup line

The subject line is the first thing they read—don’t let it be the last. Learn to write a subject line that makes them want more instead of waving buh-bye.

Chapter 3

Do you even preheader, bro?

If you’re not using the preheader—you’re missing the mark. Learn how to employ this field to get readers engaged before they even open.

Chapter 4

Chill with the design elements

Research proves again and again that a simple layout is the most effective. Find out how to create email designs that engage rather than overwhelm.

Chapter 5

How to write like a pro

The structure of your copy is what makes or breaks the effectiveness of your message. Discover a structure that makes nearly any message land.

Chapter 6

Ch-ch-check it out

Use this handy checklist every time you send an email to make sure you’ve optimized every aspect. Because we all forget to lock the door sometimes.