Up your retention game for long-term growth

Here’s some simple math: keeping more customers means making more money. Now here’s some simple action: 12 things that will improve your customer retention rates immediately.

You saw the value of smart retention activities in our eBook “From Churn to Earn” (and if you haven’t read it yet, download it now). This handy checklist distills 12 key takeaways—so you can start retaining more customers right away.

Download your checklist now to stop churn in its tracks.

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Chapter 1

Onboarding and Early Engagement

Retention starts when you acquire a customer! From onboarding to renewal; turn a brief flirtation into long-term love.

Chapter 2

Romance Every Type of Customer

Glad, mad and meh: retain every kind of user. Foster advocacy in your customers with ongoing touches along your customers’ lifecycles.

Chapter 3

Automated Retention Efforts

Great hacks can make customer engagement easy and automatic. Grab these tactics for turning retention into seamless workflow.