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Klar + Powering fintech in Mexico

Klar is revolutionizing Mexico’s personal finance industry. This startup serves up a transparent, free, and secure alternative to traditional credit and debit services: a 100% digital platform that promises credit decisions in just three minutes.

The company’s massive growth, spurred by a $90M funding round in June 2022, requires cross-channel communication with over a million customers spread among the nation’s large cities and rural areas. With that volume, making sure every message is personalized, relevant, and timely presents a serious challenge.

That’s why Klar partners with By combining their deep knowledge of their customers’ needs with’s flexible and scalable tools, Klar keeps making history. In just one month, they:

  • Increased first-transaction conversions by 14%
  • Boosted successful collections 8-12%
  • Personalized messaging at massive scale, sending 11M emails, 5M push notifications, 1M in-app messages, and 100K SMS messages on a monthly basis

Sophisticated segmentation made simple

Flexible, easy-to-manage campaigns in minutes

Klar’s customer lifecycle begins when an individual creates an account. In doing so, the customer enters an event-triggered campaign that leverages sophisticated segmentation to personalize messages. For instance, some customers receive prompts to make their first deposit, while those with a pending credit offer need reminders to accept the offer.’s powerful segmentation engine and visual workflow builder make creating fine-tuned segments and complex workflows simple. 

“’s ease of use is a big advantage. We’ve created nearly 50 different flows, all tailored to user-specific journeys. The flow of communications is easy to manage and modify. You can optimize everything for very specific goals.”

Diego Schocher, Business Architect, Klar

Continuous testing for KPI improvement

14% conversion increase, 8-12% collections increase

The marketing team at Klar is constantly tinkering to get the right message to the right person at the right time. For instance, they are running hundreds of A/B tests  at any given time, from subject lines to content to optimization goals, to learn what performs best. 

The team also experiments with campaigns and workflows to increase conversion, like adding incentives. With’s visual workflow builder, they can easily find the best place to try out a new idea.

Klar’s commitment to experimentation has paid off. By making incremental changes based on test results, they’ve continually improved key performance metrics.

“In the last month, thanks to messaging we’ve sent with, we’ve had an improvement of around 8-12% in collecting late payments, and over 14% improvement in activating users, which for us means they complete their first financial transaction after sign-up.”

Diego Schocher, Business Architect, Klar

Automation + personalization at scale

17M monthly messages across 4 channels

Klar relies on’s fully integrated omnichannel support (email, SMS, push, persistent notifications and in-app messages) to choose the right medium for every message. The team can access every channel in one workflow and automate channel selection using conditional logic — allowing them to implement targeted messaging on a huge scale. 

“We use all channels in our campaigns, when it makes sense to do so. Last month we sent over 11M emails, over 5M push notifications, almost 1M in-app messages, and almost 100,000 SMS messages from”

Diego Schocher, Business Architect, Klar

Effortless data integrations

Endless options for data-driven marketing 

As a data-driven company, Klar needs seamless integration across their tech stack, and makes it easy. They set up an integration with their business intelligence platform with custom dashboards to track campaign success. That includes deliverability, conversion rates, conversion timelines, and any other meaningful metric they want. Klar also appreciates the option to quickly export customer data to their warehouse without using a third-party tool. With, they can create quick cohorts, such as everyone who has opened an email in a given campaign. 

“Instead of having to write queries in our analytics platform, we can do it really fast in Just add filters, and you’re there. We have been very happy with the data integrations that allows us to do — the possibilities are endless for data-driven companies like us.”

Diego Schocher, Business Architect, Klar

Scalability for ongoing growth

From start-up to soaring success has been partnering with Klar since the beginning of the fintech giant’s meteoric rise, helping the company bring financial services to millions with personalized omnichannel messaging, all in one easy-to-manage place.

“There’s nothing this platform can’t accomplish for you. has been the perfect messaging platform for our CRM team every step of the way. We loved it as a small team, and it’s stayed perfect for us along our path of continuous growth.”

Diego Schocher, Business Architect, Klar