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How Mailgun Increased Their Customer Onboard Rate by 30%

Mailgun sends billions of emails each month on behalf of their customers. Everything from transactional emails to marketing newsletters, while also providing other email deliverability solutions like Rapid Fire Throughput SLA and email validations.

Mailgun has grown substantially, and with that growth, it has become more and more critical they are able to easily communicate with their customers using automated messaging.

Mailgun depends on making sure they achieve the best possible deliverability for their customers by having a rock-solid backend. However, when it came to the need for a front-end solution that made it easy for their marketing team to create and send automated campaigns using their real-time data, they needed a partner for help.

Infrastructure — Being Genuine

This probably isn’t too shocking, but the Mailgun team prefers to use Mailgun when they’re sending out emails. They stand behind their product. So the team wanted to find a front-end partner that could work flawlessly with Mailgun.

They also wanted to make sure their own marketing team could adopt all the best practices they recommend to their customers. Their transactional emails had to be separated from their marketing emails with different subdomains in order to keep those reputations separate. Changes like these make a world of difference in sending, which they needed the ability to continue doing with their new front-end partner.

Integration Trouble

Mailgun’s biggest hurdle in finding a new front-end provider was data integration. Mailgun’s old provider couldn’t reliably tell them what their customers had or had not done with their Mailgun accounts, even though that data was available in other places.

What exactly does that mean? Instead of segmenting a list to target users on a specific action, they were emailing everyone even if that message didn’t apply to them. For example, a message that said “add your domain now” was being sent to people who already had added their domain.

Mailgun had all of this data at their fingertips in Segment and their data warehouse, but not where they really needed it—in their email marketing solution.

Solution — checks all the boxes

As you can see, Mailgun had a lot of problems they needed to solve. They set out to find a solution that would work perfectly with Mailgun, solve their use case needs, and meet their standards for security. It wasn’t an easy task, and they vetted several providers before ultimately choosing

“Not only is the interface super easy to use, but it integrates with our data warehouse securely. All that data is now at our fingertips, so we can send relevant emails to the right people. Plus, we’re using our own Mailgun account for sending. The SMTP integration was quick and straightforward, and’s security protocols met our standards — all good things.” – Nicole Jacobson, Marketing Director, Mailgun

Putting it to the test

How is actually performing as the front-end solution for Mailgun’s marketing team? Well, in just one marketing email for their email validations product alone, Mailgun had an open rate of 69% and a 4% click-through rate by sending to a segment of 33,000 engaged customers. They’ve also seen a 30% increase in the number of new customers who have fully onboarded since switching to for their welcome email sequence.

“Overall, migrating over to was a great choice for us moving forward, and we’ve only gotten started.”– Nicole Jacobson, Marketing Director, Mailgun

Mailgun integrates seamlessly to through SMTP and their team provides some of the best deliverability available. If you’re interested in learning more about Mailgun, feel free to contact them or sign up for a free account.