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Join thousands of businesses around the globe who use Customer.io to send their automated messaging campaigns and strengthen relationships.
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Headshot of Jamie Quint

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Eager for a platform that put logical reasoning into their design decisions, Notion made the switch to Customer.io 8 days before their annual renewal.

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Learn how Mailgun increased its customer onboarding rate by 30% through their partnership with Customer.io.

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For tech companies that want to build trust

  • SaaS businesses

    With the flexibility and interoperability of Customer.io we’ve been able to build some truly insane and elaborate onboarding flows. We’re sending webhooks, moving people down different paths, A/B testing, adding dynamic content with liquid, and automatically segmenting based on where the user came from. If a colleague asks me if Customer.io can do something cool, no matter what they ask my immediate answer is always, “Yes. Yes it can.” I love always having the answers!

    Ammon Brown, VP of Growth at x.ai

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  • Mobile App businesses

    Customer.io has grown and surpassed Zwift’s needs over the years. Their tireless commitment to agile improvements to the platform has helped us to drive engagement through personalized and timely communications with our community.

    Jonathan Walton, CRM Manager at Zwift

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  • Marketplace businesses

    Our team is so pleased with our choice to switch our email marketing platform to Customer.io! They have a team of Email and Deliverability experts who will help you create the right message at the right time.

    Stephanie Vazquez, Email Marketing Specialist at Fixd Repair, ANGI Homeservices

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  • EdTech businesses

    This has been, hands down, my best experience with any email or marketing automation SaaS company.

    Greg Sherrid, Co-Founder and CTO at Whooo’s Reading

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  • FinTech businesses

    Customer.io is really helpful and always quite fast to get back to us when we have any questions.

    Kasper Ernerot
     Communication Manager at Lendify

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  • Health care businesses

    Customer.io has proven very useful for this in the past years. The fine-grained control, pleasantly responsive UI and fast support response times not only make Customer.io a powerful tool that we lean on, but also a pleasure to work with.

    Nathan Skwortsow, Co-Founder and CTO at Physitrack

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  • Subscription businesses

    We send every single customer profile from our database and pipe it into Customer.io. And it has been so easy! Being a subscription company, your customer’s status changes all the time…so we need a platform that automatically updates people’s values whenever they change.

    Michelle Ballen, Director of Growth at Billie

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  • Media businesses

    Customer.io dramatically improved the way we communicate with our customers. The app is extremely simple to set up and use, allowing any of our staff to easily create and send meaningful email campaigns. 

    Ben Buckwold, CEO at Red River Press Inc. & ESLLibrary.com

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  • eCommerce businesses

    Customer.io is awesome! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants flexibility to optimize their messaging across channels.

    Bjørn Seaton, CMO at Trendhim

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  • Non-profit businesses

    Using Customer.io has boosted our numbers in every imaginable way — from audience growth to engagement to conversion. They are literally helping us change lives around with world by making sure we have the best email tool available.

    Grace Garey, Co-founder at Watsi

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  • Small businesses

    We love using Customer.io to engage with our users. When a user first logs in they get an email, and they have easy setups for user specific in app triggers. The support has been superb in answering our questions quickly and effectively.

    Zack M, G2 Review

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Discover how Purple Carrot went from updating its ad audiences every 90 days to every hour.
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As a customer-funded company, we guarantee you’re our top priority.

Headshot of Lauren Triano

In my experience, it’s rare to have a vendor reach out to ask what they can be doing better. In 3-months time we mentioned what would be super helpful if it was built into the system, and it actually came to fruition.

Lauren Triano, Senior Manager at Billie