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What People Say About Us

  • Grace Garey

     – Co-founder at Watsi

    “Using Customer.io has boosted our numbers in every imaginable way — from audience growth to engagement to conversion. They are literally helping us change lives around with world by making sure we have the best email tool available.”

  • Brendan Appold

    – Director of Classroom Success at Motion Math

    “It’s crucial for our team to make onboarding as fast and painless as possible because teachers are super busy. Customer.io allows us to segment new signups based on their remaining action items and send our teachers finely tailored guidance based on their real-time status.”

  • Ben Buckwold

    – CEO at Red River Press Inc. & ESLLibrary.com

    “Customer.io dramatically improved the way we communicate with our customers. The app is extremely simple to set up and use, allowing any of our staff to easily create and send meaningful email campaigns. We have seen a 20% increase in our conversion rate, have gained significant insight into our customers’ habits, trends, and needs, and formed more personal relationships.”

Loved by Companies Across Multiple Industries


Creating the best experience for your customers is a priority when your business runs on cultivating recurring engagement. With our robust logic engine, move people along your funnel with lifecycle messages that convert.


B2C companies need a grown-up messaging platform that can provide sophisticated targeting and personalization power while being able to handle scale. Serve millions of customers while giving them a one-to-one experience.


Coordinate, onboard, and engage through automated guidance, processes, activity summaries, and notifications. Take advantage of low-touch but powerfully personalized messages to manage contributor communities and two-sided networks without costly manual coordination.

Mobile Apps

Get in touch with people after they’ve left your app. Reach out to inactive users to bring them back when they’re not logged in, get the word out for app updates and promotions, and send transactional messages.


Get students and teachers active with relevant, timely messages. Nurture learning and contributor engagement as you build vibrant, educational resources, connections, and communities.