’s Customer Advisory Board

The Customer Advisory Board (CAB) provides a forum for industry innovators to share experiences and advise teams as we continue to shape the landscape in the areas of customer marketing and engagement.’s Customer Advisory Board members offer expertise and insights that help drive the development of’s product offering, as well as our long-term strategy to address the industry’s current and future opportunities.

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Program Objectives


Validate and Ideate

Validate and ideate on’s strategy and discuss major product decisions that will impact’s go-to-market plans and product roadmaps.



Learn more about the trends and priorities that shape leading businesses within’s customer base.



Guide on forward-looking strategic initiatives and investment prioritization



Promote free-flowing confidential discussion and knowledge sharing among peers, including common challenges and best practices.

Board Member Benefits


Learn firsthand about’s product strategy and influence its direction.
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Network with your peers and make new connections with leaders across industries.
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Early Access

Get early access to’s product roadmaps and preview features before general release.
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Connect with product managers, strategists, and subject matter experts who can advocate for your ideas and your business.
VP of Product at, Brian Thomas

We built the advisory board to listen and collaborate with customers about the future of communication tools. It’s not about marketing and upsells, it’s about sharing our experiences and discovering what we need to build next together.

Brian Thomas, VP of Product

Board Members

Josh Miller

Senior Product Manager, Lasting

Jerca Leiber

Senior Marketing Manager, Carly Solutions

Joomee Lee

Sr Director of CRM Marketing, Cover Wallet

Jay Filiatrault

Director of Customer Success and Monetization, LANDR

Sophie Eden

Marketing Director, Municibid

Rob Kaczanowski

Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Wildbit

Ohad Maishar

Ohad Maishar

VP of R&D,

Daniel Krenitsyn

Strategic Advisor, Puck News

Monique Armieri

Senior Retention Manager, Snapcommerce

Alex Friend

Head of Growth, Stonly

Jorge Alonso

VP of Product, Engineering & Growth, Spot A Home

Nuno Sousa

Principal Engineer, Uphold

Valeria Gazizova

Valeria Gazizova

Retention & CRM Manager, ChangeInvest

Scott Daily

Marketing Operations Lead, Notion

Thibaut Davoult

Head of Growth, Livestorm

We commit to embodying our values through our Customer Advisory Board.


We treat each other with courtesy and kindness while trying to understand where everyone is coming from.


We engage CAB members with complete fairness, respect, and honesty.


We collaborate with members in constructing meeting agendas of value to all participants and be the change we seek.


We celebrate the things that make us unique and encourage the same for fellow members.