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Data Pipelines: vs mParticle

Comparing vs. mParticle?

See why mParticle customers are switching to as their customer data platform (CDP). Connect first-party data to every tool in your tech stack with Data Pipelines so you can focus on what matters most—building relationships with your customers. Data Pipelines is the best alternative to mParticle, allowing you to setup and run without heavy lifting from engineering teams.

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Top reasons companies choose
Data Pipelines over mParticle

Sources and Destinations Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly API Calls Custom 10 Million +
User Seats Unlimited Unlimited
Resend Past Data
Data Warehouse Destinations Unlimited Unlimited
Reverse ETL
HIPAA Compliance
Chat Support

Get started for free

With 1 million API calls free each month, Data Pipelines gives everyone access to a customer data platform.

Built to scale

From early-stage startups to public companies, Data Pipelines is architected to meet your needs.

Compliance made easy

Ensure that all your security standards like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA are being met.

Get your real-time data
to where you need it

Unify your customer data

Consolidate touch points from any source, including your data warehouse, with reverse ETL, and route them where they need to go without writing a line of code.

Keep it accurate and up-to-date

Improve decision-making with consistent data across the tools you rely on most—Mixpanel, Snowflake, Google Analytics, Salesforce, TikTok, and more.

Turn insights into action

Pair Data Pipelines with Journeys (or another messaging product) to create personalized interactions across mobile and web, using channels like push, email, in-app, and SMS.

It took a skilled engineer months to connect data to our old (and expensive) CDP provider. Even syncing with Meta and Amplitude required many support emails. Data Pipelines solves this in a few clicks without any additional costs.

Renan Serrano, Founder of is an irreplaceable piece for our marketing automation and operations stacks. It’s flexible and powerful, yet simple and intuitive enough such that anyone on our team can build rich, diverse customer journeys with ease. Now with the CDP, all of our customer journey touchpoints are integrated into one intelligent platform. And to top it off, the support team is amongst the best we’ve ever seen.

Matt See, COO of

Customer data lives in a lot of places, and bringing it together is a pain. Data Pipelines made it easy to connect our messaging data to our data warehouse – no code required.

Jeff Lyon, Director of Technology at MESA