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Use Collections to personalize emails with relevant information based on what you know about the user.

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Create a More Tailored Experience

By storing sets of data in your account, you can query them in campaigns and customize the conditions based on people’s preferences and engagement.

Import data in seconds

Use our API or manually upload a Collection of things about your product, service, or business. Collections can be as specific or as broad as you’d like: 

  • Top-selling products
  • Upcoming events
  • Related articles
  • Promo codes

Unlike some of our competitors, doesn’t limit or charge extra for data usage. Go ahead and start importing and storing as many Collections as you want.

View and modify Collection data in one location

It’s all about the details. Every row of your entire Collection is visible on one page, giving you the flexibility to sort and filter data quickly and easily. 

Query relevant information

Adding a queried Collection to your workflow lets you specify which Collection rows should be displayed and how it should be presented within an email. Similar to a webhook action, you can use Collections to retrieve a set of data and personalize campaigns and messages. 

Send personalized results

Storing queried results as customer attributes allows you to dynamically pull Collection data into messages. Using what you’re familiar with, Liquid, you can instantly individualize every message.  

“Using Collections, we were able to build one simple workflow with one template which pulled in the rest of the relevant data from the Collection. Great time saver!”

Simon Hiscox, Growth Director at Laka

Use Cases

Popular Use Cases Amongst Our Customers

Course Offerings

Display available class options that match students learning levels.

Recommended Recipes

Show a list of recipes that follow similar dietary restrictions. 

Promo Codes

Upload a generic list of special offers and discount codes. 

Suggesting Products

Display related items based on known interests. 

Calendar Events

Keep track of upcoming events and important dates to remember. 

Multiple Languages

Upload and store various translations of messages.

“We use Collections to customize suggestions to subscribers on what companies to follow.”

Will Pearson, Email consultant for The Org