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When you join, you’ll be working with a small team making a big impact. We’re always looking for passionate, curious, and empathetic people to join our team. Work alongside a talented group of individuals spanning across 29 countries and for a people-first company that empowers you to succeed.

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How we work

As a globally distributed, remote-first company, we value synchronous and asynchronous work and know that occasionally turning off Slack notifications is a good thing! We have flexible working hours so our team members can choose a schedule that works best for their lives, their health, and their families.

Growth Mindset

We value learning from our teammates, but we also challenge each other to find the best path forward. We’ve learned that the best solutions don’t always surface right away, and that’s okay!

Our core values purple arrow

Our culture recognizes the stifling impact of systemic injustice on diverse communities. We commit to using our influence to increase inclusion and equity within the tech industry. We strive to build an inclusive team culture, implement bias-free hiring practices, and develop community partnerships to expand our global impact.

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Global map highlighting where team members live

*We use the Gall-Peters map projection to more equitably/accurately represent land mass. 


In addition to offering a competitive salary, we’ve designed our benefits programs with a people-first approach . We want our team members to be fairly compensated, have access to high-quality health & wellness options, and feel supported so they can do their best work.

Some of the benefits we offer:

Health & Wellness

We pay 100% medical, dental, vision, and supplemental insurance premiums for you AND your family.

Travel the World

We meet up twice a year to build relationships IRL! Recent retreats were in Hungary, Canada, & Mexico.

Growth & Development

We provide an annual education budget to help you learn and grow.

Time Off

In addition to PTO, sick, holiday pay, and parental leave, we offer one-month sabbaticals!

Home Office Allowance

We help you set up your home office and cover your monthly internet & phone costs. Plus, we’ll pay for a co-working space.


You’ll be recognized for your contributions by earning equity in the company.