Build your dream messaging workflows is an automated messaging platform for tech-savvy marketers who want more control and flexibility to craft and send data-driven emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS.

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Transform your engagement ideas into reality

  • Visual workflow builder showing two paths (mobile and web)

    illustration of a light bulb Learn from your customers

    Check-in with your users and ask for feedback regularly. Find out where they need more support and prioritize it.

    I love working with With data at the core of both of our businesses, our products complement each other really well. We’re able to build incredibly targeted and personalized campaigns where the only limit is our imagination.

    Headshot of Bradley  Bradley Gula | Content at Clearbit

  • Visual workflow builder showing a multi-split branch

    illustration of a light bulb Purchase more products

    Leverage users’ shopping patterns and trigger campaigns when they enter a data-driven segment or perform a specific event in your app or on your site.

    Showing the value of our products and sharing proper use cases has helped our business grow in unimaginable ways.

    Headshot of Sophie  Sophie Gil | Audience Development Lead at Buffer
  • Visual workflow builder showing a true/false branch

    illustration of a light bulb Re-engage Customers

    Automatically trigger a drip campaign when users meet segment conditions such as inactive or canceled. makes it easy for Handy to create a personalized customer journey with detailed targeting and dynamic workflows, and our account manager is super responsive and goes out of her way to make sure we’re happy.

    Anna Mayer | Sr Marketing Manager at Handy

  • Visual workflow builder showing a cross-sell use case

    illustration of a light bulb Motivate users to purchase more

    Show users what they need. Use a specific set of data in your message and automatically display relevant content. integrates perfectly into our data / CRM architecture. The flexibility of their API has allowed us to seamlessly update user attributes, create highly targeted workflows, and run experiments.

      Michelle Ballen-Griffin | Senior Director at Billie

  • Visual workflow builder showing a true / false branch

    illustration of a light bulb Onboard new users

    Keep your product or service top-of-mind, and send your first onboarding email within the hour of users signing up. has been a critical part of our onboarding process since the very early days of Segment. From the 43-minute founder email to much more complex challenges today. We’re continually improving our onboarding strategy.

    Headshot of Ilya  Ilya Volodarsky | Co-Founder & President of Segment

  • Workflow path metrics showing the percent of emails sent, opened, clicked, and converted

    illustration of a light bulb Welcome series

    Introduce your brand with a series of welcome emails. A/b test your strategy and uncover which messages perform the best.

    Performance analytics are very important to us as an eComm business, and provides both broad and granular views of message performance. Plus it integrates perfectly with the rest of our tech stack and CDP.

    Headshot of Bjørn  Bjørn Seaton | CMO at Trendhim

  • Visual workflow example of a renewal campaign

    illustration of a light bulb Renewal

    Increase your subscription renewal rate by reminding your subscribers their renewal date is approaching and what they can expect with the membership. Now’s the time to boast about what your product or service has to offer! has been instrumental in supercharging our subscription growth at Air Mail. We highly recommend their services. 

    Bill Keenan | Chief Operating Officer at Air Mail

  • Visual workflow builder is showing a linear drip campaign

    illustration of a light bulb Use rewards to nurture customers

    Reward users for opening and using your app. Send exclusive offers when they use the app at least 5 times a month.

    We have been using since 2015. It’s a flexible and powerful platform, which makes our messaging more effective for us and our sponsors.’s an important partner for our mobile app.

    Headshot of Doug Doug Hexter | CEO at WoofTrax

  • Visual workflow builder is showing a Yes/No split branch

    illustration of a light bulb Increase conversion rate

    When someone creates a new account, trigger a one-time email immediately after completion of the Sign-Up form.

    We have seen a 20% increase in our conversion rate, have gained significant insight into our customers’ habits, trends, and needs, and formed more personal relationships.

    Headshot of Ben Buckwold   Ben Buckwold | CEO at ESL Library

Create a strategy for every kind of message

illustration of a workflow

Message types

Create automated or API triggered workflows, newsletters, and transactional messages – all within one platform using the same customer data.

illustration of a waving hand


Send email, push, in-app, SMS, and Slack. For anything else you can dream of, we have webhooks to deliver data immediately. 

illustration of gears


Make sure a message gets delivered within a very specific time range using  time delays, time windows, or wait until  a user takes an action.

  • Data & Integration

    Integrate data from your app, CRM, or CDP provider in  just a few clicks . Without delay, send identify and track calls to create user records and align associated events in

  • Segmentation

    Create sophisticated, data-driven segments in using everything you know about your users.

    purple arrow  Everything they have done in your product or service
    purple arrow   Messages delivered within a specific time period 
    purple arrow    Anything else you want to send through our API

    By tracking segment memberships over time, you can confidently target the right audience all the time.

  • Messaging

    Create complex workflows with sophisticated logic and deliberate personalization by using branched workflows with A/B testing, time delays, action conditions, and more.

    Send emails, push notifications, Slack, SMS, and in-app messages to deliver relevant information, or use a custom webhook action to send data through any service that has an API.

  • Metrics & Analysis

    Measure the success of your campaigns by defining custom conversion goals using the same profile attributes and behavioral conditions in your data-driven segments, like when people:

        Complete the onboarding program
        Upgrade to a new plan type
    purple arrow    Reactivate their account

  • Experimentation

    Our Customer Success experts work alongside you to design and refine highly effective acquisition and retention campaigns to meet your business goals. 

    Learn more about Customer Success  purple arrow

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Technical Support

With a 99.0% CSAT score, our Technical Support team is here to help you with platform troubleshooting.

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Managed deliverability’s team of email experts monitor, analyze, and advise on sender authentication and reputation to ensure maximum deliverability.

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As a data company, we understand the importance of keeping your company’s data secure. Rest assured, your information is always protected.

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Trust us with security & support


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