Send Automated Messages. Deliver Results.

With, send targeted emails, push notifications, and SMS to lower churn, create stronger relationships, and drive subscriptions.

Let Automation Do the Heavy Lifting

Design experiences to create more paying subscribers, and help people get value out of your product or service.

If you can dream it, you can build it.

Segment your audience based on real-time events. Create sending logic in your web browser rather than writing hard-to-maintain code.

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

An integration with gives you everything your company knows about a person in one place:

  • Everything they’ve done
  • Every page they’ve looked at
  • Their order or subscription history
  • Anything else you want to send through our simple API

You can then confidently send personalized messages based on what you know and what people do. Build deeper connections by doing more than merging in someone’s first name!

Review Your Data and Keep Improving

Build, measure, learn. Build, measure, learn. A/B test your campaigns and understand how each message is performing. Move beyond opens and clicks to measure the success of your campaigns by the number of conversions and the amount of revenue they drive.

Questions you’ll be able to answer:

  • Do your users respond more to message in the morning or in the evening?
  • Does personalizing a subject line really makes a difference?

“This has been, hands down, my best experience with any email or marketing automation SaaS company.”