Automated behavioral and transactional email

Free your transactional emails from code

Create workflows that suit your business needs.

Tailor every experience with Event Triggered campaigns

Email changes that used to be relegated to product-release cycles are now limited only by your imagination. Send timezone-aware, multi-touch, multi-channel messages wherever your customers are, with the information that’s relevant just to them. workflows give you the ultimate flexibility when crafting campaigns that are triggered by your user’s behavior.

Whether you’re split testing, or simply announcing a new feature or product, conversion tracking keeps you informed about which messages are performing best. Metrics that were once a mystery are now at your fingertips.

Find the optimal message through simple, yet powerful testing

Explore different subjects, sender names, and content by testing across any transactional message. Whether it’s a change to a call to action or a tailored content experience, testing your transactional messages leads to a better experience.

Test everything in your email from CTA to body copy, to subject line or sender.

Measure immediate impact with conversion tracking

Create visibility into each campaign’s performance with open and click tracking. Demonstrate the true value of your messages with conversion tracking.

Whether it’s to simply create better organizational insights or to look for opportunities to improve a specific message, use the reporting interface or consume the reporting webhooks to ensure that your team has the access needed for better decision making.

Track conversions with

Your message controlled by people, not code

Go beyond transactional email and consolidate all your email campaigns under one roof. With a simple integration, your whole team can take advantage of the rich event data streaming from your product into to automate relevant winback, onboarding, and retention campaigns, and more. sends newsletters, event-, and segment-triggered messages.

“Really, it just works. We send thousands of requests a day to, and it’s always worked. We love it.”

Justin Searles, Senior Fullstack Engineer, Arcadia Power

Make transactional messages work for you

Sophisticated Shipping

Make it easy for subscription customers to try new items. Add an order upgrade message prior to shipping a customer’s order.

Relevant Receipts

Want to spur app downloads? Target non-mobile users with actionable content in their receipts to prompt mobile downloads.

Events Everywhere

Configure any action to trigger messages in From purchases to shares, and upgrades to downloads, you’re in control. Features Snapshot

Competitive pricing

Dynamic sender data

Advanced segmentation

Timezone sending

User roles

Delays, Time windows

SMS and Push integrations

Rules-based workflows

Searchable activity log

Custom tracking

Email webhooks

Sending workspaces

Email templates

Shared IP pooling

Custom SMTP

Optional dedicated IP

Custom SPF, DKIM

Automatic CSS inlining

Reliable API

A/B testing

Conversion tracking has your keys to unlocking the value of transactional email

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