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The Art of Personalized Persuasion

Janet Choi
Personalize persuasive messaging to make your emails more convincing. How testing and adaptive persuasion marketing better engages your customers.

How to Steal like an Email Artist

Take a page from the creative’s playbook: to improve your email and marketing messages, steal inspiration and learn from the best. We examine helpful online tools and resources for keeping an email marketing swipe file.

5 Ways to Reverse the Curse of Knowledge

The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that hampers communication. By understanding the science of memory, you can overcome the curse to create persuasive email marketing.

Candy Stores Are the Wrong Analogy For Your Emails

Janet Choi
Stop demotivating people in your emails by overloading them with choice.

Karma based marketing – part deux

We talk about distilling down ideas to deliver better results by email.

Personalized emails will make your customers even happier

Improve your sales by 6X, and make your customers even happier, by adding personalization to your email campaigns.