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Create Your Own Company Slack Assistant with

Slack alerts based on behavioral data arms you with information to create a great customer experience and turbocharge business growth. Here’s how to create your own custom Slack app using’s Slack Actions.

Supercharge Your Mobile App Engagement with Behavioral Emails

When you have a mobile app, your users are just a thumb’s swipe away from your product. Behavioral email is the perfect way to get your customers in the habit of using your app.

9 Power Tips for Using Liquid to Personalize Emails

Email marketing expert Carl Sednaoui shares his best tips on working with Liquid to personalize emails in

How to Leverage the Familiarity Principle in Emails

People tend to prefer things that are more familiar. Here’s how to leverage this familiarity principle in your email marketing to boost your brand, build trust with customers, and grow your business.

How to Write Emails that Pave the Way Towards Action

Email marketing involves a lot of information delivery. Here’s how and why using concreteness in your messages will help engage, motivate, and convert readers.

How Clearbit Conquered the Welcome Email

We often fall into the trap of sending generic, overcrowded welcome messages. Here’s how Clearbit delivers super relevant, helpful, and thus motivating, welcome emails using

One Big Behavioral Economics Lesson for Email Marketers

We often look to behavioral economics as inspiration for email conversion techniques, but there’s a larger behavioral marketing lesson to learn about human nature and user experience to apply to how we email.

The One Power Word to Persuade Them All

Janet Choi
Use the power of reasons, because they motivate. How to write emails and calls to action that reliably convince and convert more people.

How to Manage Friction to Hold onto Your Customers

Minimizing friction in a product isn’t always productive. How to calibrate friction in user experience to attract and retain better quality customers.

5 Email Marketing Lessons from Louis C.K.

Janet Choi
Louis CK is a smart, creative digital marketer. What you can learn about personality and voice that make his emails so successful.
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