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Consumers are demanding increasingly personalized and seamless experiences across web and mobile, which requires marketers to deliver an elite, omni-channel approach at every key moment in the customer journey.

Tune into this product showcase for an exclusive look at 4 new features in that empower you to increase activation, make web and mobile app behavioral data more accessible, and reduce integration lift and reliance on developers.

New features – you’ll explore how:

  • In-app Messaging (native) allows you to activate and convert users while they are using the app. Plus, how in-app messages fit alongside email, SMS, and push in an omnichannel approach.
  • 6 SDKS gives you access to crucial web and mobile app behavioral data in their marketing platform, without heavy engineering lift.
  • Subscription Center increases engagement rates and reduces unsubscribes, by giving consumers the power to choose their preferred messaging topics.
  • Custom Objects allows you to model and leverage data relationships in your automated campaigns in the way that makes sense for your business (i.e. companies vs. employees) leaving hacky integration work behind.

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Featured Speakers
Laura Baukol,

Laura Baukol

Solutions Architect,

Cody Stover,

Cody Stover

Senior Manager, Market Development,