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Fun Virtual Team Building Activities We Love

Looking for some fun virtual activities and games? Our team has tried a lot and is here to share the ones we actually love and continue to use. If you’re a remote team, these are the most fun virtual team building activities we recommend. 

Not all of these virtual team building activities cost money or require a lot of work to plan. We tried to offer a range of virtual activities for your team that we’ve had positive experiences with and enjoy coming back to again and again!

21 Virtual Activities and Games

Plan Your Escape

Putting problem-solving skills to the test in escape rooms is always a fun challenge, but how can we do that over Zoom in a way that doesn’t feel cheesy? The Escape Game Virtual Escape Rooms are hosted LIVE from their actual locations! Mixing reality with a virtual dashboard, you direct your guide to where you’d like to find clues and solve puzzles, which allows our team to work together to escape without being locked in a small room! Bonus: You also get a fun group photo at the end and bragging rights for whatever group was quicker to escape!

Escape Room winners with The Escape Game

Get Your Game On

Long days on video calls can get draining pretty quickly. We’ve tried virtual game platforms like Zoom Apps, but our team has found connecting in virtual reality with Oculus headsets to be the most fun and feels closer to being together in person! We have monthly game time to play VR together as well as a #vr_meetups slack channel for whenever folks want to jump into a game. We love these Oculus virtual team games: PokerVR, BeatSaber, Elven Assassin, Walkabout Mini Golf, Cook-Out, Catan, and Demeo, to name a few. 

Note: This virtual activity does involve some upfront costs, but the investment is worth it to bring the team together in a fun, unique way off computers. We send each new team member an Oculus headset and reimburse them up to $100 in VR games.

Pro tip: you can cast to your computer and stream on Zoom. We do that for competitions – this was our PokerVr final.

Share a Meal or Happy Hour

You don’t need an office or be together in person to share a meal anymore. Pizzatime is the easiest way to organize a pizza party for your remote team across different time zones and even countries! You select your pizza preferences, and everyone’s order arrives at the same time. While you’re enjoying that slice of pie, you can add an experience like Stand up Comedy or Radio Bingo! Coffee more your jam? They do Coffeetime, too. Same concept, just caffeinated.

Update: they now offer Lunchtime and Drinktime for teams looking for more options!

Visit a Farm

Goat-2-Meeting is for all the animal lovers on your team! A tour guide from Sweet Farm will join your Zoom to give you a brief intro to the farm and show you some of the animals, depending on who wants to be on camera right then! Paco the goat and Sturgis the horse might be our favorite duo!

Sweet Farm's Goat-2-Meeting

Host a Sip and See

No, this isn’t to meet a new baby, but our take on Lunch and Learn’s. Whether you’re team coffee or team tea, you can learn about your favorite beverage and bond! For tea enthusiasts, Mona at Teawala offers a virtual tea tasting where she shares the properties, history, and benefits of tea as you brew and taste them together at home. For your Coffeeholics, join Ricardo for the Worlds Top Coffee Masterclass AirBnB experience! Both of these are fun virtual team building activities where you get to enjoy a drink and learn something new.

Teawala Virtual Tea Tasting with Mona

Watch a Movie

What’s better than watching a movie together? Playing Bingo at the same time! We recommend using Teleparty for your next movie night. It works with Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and HBO and allows up to 1,000 viewers! Even if you’ve seen the movie before, you need to pay attention if you want to dab all the bingo spots to win a prize! We did this for Halloween with Hocus Pocus, and it was a blast! Pro tip: Etsy is a great place to look for themed Bingo cards (we used these for Hocus Pocus).

Get Crafty

Our team has many parents, and we love including their children in our virtual activities whenever we can! Arts and craft sessions are a perfect way to do that. We’ve worked with Lori Richmond, a children’s author-illustrator and artist from Brooklyn, New York, who offers in-person and virtual drawing workshops! With a simple shopping list, parents and their kiddos show up while Lori tells a fun and engaging story, walking you through the steps to create your very own masterpiece!

Drawing with Lori Richmond

Have someone on your team who’s crafty? Have them host a session! We’ve had embroidery lessons from our Product Manager and macrame with our Technical Support Engineer! Your group can purchase supplies on their own, or you can send kits to each team member. embroider with Kate

Paint and Sip

There’s no need to rush out to the craft store for this virtual activity. Each participant will receive a care package with everything they’ll need, including a canvas, easel, paint, palette, and brushes before Paint Night. How easy is that? Grab a beverage and follow along with the instructor to create a masterpiece together! We channeled our inner van Gogh’s and painted mountain landscapes with Ryptic Team Building’s Virtual Paint Night.

Ryptic Team Building Virtual Paint Night

Get Moving

Working from a desk can be sedentary, so we love finding hosts to get us up and moving! Some of our favorites include meditation and yoga with Om Office Yoga Vibes and Tai Chi and Qi-gong with Shifu Dao from STQI Toronto School! We’re also lucky enough to have a certified yoga instructor on our team who teaches Yoga Nidra for everyone. Whatever your team is into, doing fitness and mindfulness together is a great virtual team building activity. does Tai Chi with Shifu Dao

Test Your Knowledge

Whether you’re looking for an icebreaker or a fun virtual game, Kahoot is a great way to play trivia with the entire team. You can play already made trivia games, but we love creating our own with trivia questions about the team. 

Movies more your thing? Another fun trivia game to play over Zoom is Connect the Stars. You choose two actors and try to link them together with as few connections as possible. This virtual game is fun to play as a group or in smaller teams that compete with one another.

Connect the Stars virtual game

Find Your Next Star Baker

The Great Ami Bake Off has become a team favorite! We’ve had contestants make a logo cookie, an Ami (our mascot) cake, Kawaii-themed desserts, and spooky Halloween treats. All you need are volunteers, a shopping list, and their kitchens. We have each baker spotlighted on Zoom, with hosts narrating during the competition. Hosting a Bake Off is a super fun virtual team building activity your team will want to make an annual event!

Great Ami Bake Off

Show Off a Talent

Who says you have to be together to sing karaoke? Our team hosts karaoke parties over Zoom. You choose your song and share your audio and sing along. The audio lag adds to the fun and laughs! Not to mention singing in your room by yourself at noon with or without any liquid courage.

CEO of Colin singing karaoke

In addition to karaoke parties, we’ve also hosted a Talent Show over Zoom. Contestants sign up and either perform their talent live or show a recording. This is a fun way to discover hidden talents on your team—we have a classically trained opera singer and some incredible musicians that play all sorts of instruments.

Bill as a judge for's Talent Show

Share a Passion

What better way to share something you’re passionate about with your team and teach them something new with a Powerpoint Party? This has become a staple in our company and something we look forward to time and again. We’ve learned about bog bodies (this still comes up years later), RV adventures, budgeting, and so much more. Powerpoint Party virtual activity

Read A Book… Or Maybe Two or Three

Start a Bookclub. Our team meets every couple of weeks to discuss the latest book they’ve read. We’ve read: Klara and the Sun, Empowered, 100 Years of Solitude, How to be an Antiracist, Pachinko, and even watched a movie, The Lunchbox, together. The team loves coming together to share insights and have meaningful discussions about each book. bookclub

Full Service Companies

Need help hosting your own virtual team building activity? We recommend these services to do the planning for you.

TeamBuilding is the number one team building company that provides these activities and events as a service. They do all the heavy lifting for you! Show up with your team and be guided through a series of puzzles, scavenger hunts, and riddles—the team to complete them first wins! From Ghost Hunt Haunted Mansion to Tiny Campfire (s’mores included!), the live hosts stay in character throughout the entire activity. If there are supplies to send to your team in advance, they’ll handle it all! TeamBuilding has been a go-to resource for our virtual retreats and team meetups.

Tiny Campfire with

Boombox Events

Another full service for team building and bonding, Boombox has activities ranging from calligraphy, pasta making, and mixology classes. Their team will work with you to get all the supplies you’ll need to create an awesome virtual experience. We especially loved Brush Script with Melissa.

Brush Script with Melissa via Boombox Events

Alyssa Welch

Alyssa is our People & Culture Specialist. She’s responsible for creating memorable team member experiences through culture-building and team bonding activities such as retreats, team meetups, and more.

Follow on Instagram to see the latest things the team is up to, including virtual activities and in-person meetups.