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Faundit’s Email Strategy Doubles Conversion Rates

Working globally with hotels, nightlife venues, and airports, Faundit reunites lost belongings with their owners through a highly customized integration they offer to hospitality vendors. When a staff member at a hotel finds a misplaced item, they open Faundit’s integration on their website and can send an email and SMS to the last guest in that room through’s automation. Guests can then choose to either ship their belongings, pick them up in person, or donate it to charity, all through the message.

How they started: no automation

Faundit began coding and sending all of their emails through direct API integration with Mailgun. As their business growth accelerated, they realized they needed an email solution to handle increasingly complex emails. They started using when they saw how easy it was to synchronize their data and how accessible it was to non-coders. Having a growing number of customers and an increasingly complex workload, they transitioned to – and saw their lives become exponentially easier, with their conversion rate from emails doubling.

Firstly, Faundit’s domain health exponentially improved when they switched over to’s servers, with a drastic decrease in the number of emails marked as spam. As their emails received better placement in inboxes, their engagement began to rise.

Secondly, Faundit began sending event data into to coordinate key onboarding campaigns. For example, after a customer has received the first email telling them they forgot an item in their hotel room, Faundit checks a) if the customer visited their pricing page for shipment, b) if the customer filled out any information about themselves to start the return or c) if they filled out their information, proceeded to the pricing page, but then abandoned the website. Each behavior gave them key information on what best communication to send next.

“I cannot believe how much time we’ve saved ourselves with’s email editor for tasks we used to have to do manually. It doesn’t even compare.” – Jonas Dybboe Wideking, CTO, Faundit

Another way they use event data from their website to prompt messages happens when a guest has viewed shipping prices twice on their website but has not taken action. A discount code quickly appears in their inbox the second time they view that shipping pricing page without taking action.

Finally, the ability to run A/B tests in and quickly adapt their messaging in response to those results has also skyrocketed their conversion rate of uniting customers with their items. The proof is in the numbers: they saw their shipment conversion rate – their primary KPI – go from 20% to 54%!

“With, it has been so easy to hone in on the right messaging that gets our customers to conversion.” – Jonas Dybboe Wideking, Faundit

Taking personalization to the next level 

Faundit wanted to take the level of customized messaging they offered to each client to the next level. In addition to respecting each client’s brand colors and logos, they wanted to allow them to use a different tone of voice together with multiple languages. A more formal hotel might want to address its guests more formally, while a youth hostel writes emails in a very casual tone. To make this happen, Faundit’s engineers built an email design platform into their app where hotels submit their branded colors and tone, write messages with simplified Liquid, and send them back via event data to Liquid then populates the details in each email before they are delivered. This email editor and ours allowed them to place the power of messaging in their clients’ hands – something completely impossible before using

Final Thoughts

Faundit’s use of strategic configurations in pushed its messaging personalization strategy to the highest degree to increase its revenue. Not only do they transform untimely disappointments into sighs of relief, but they have gotten closer to completing their mission of protecting the environment. Knowing many lost items like phone chargers are improperly disposed of or unnecessarily replaced, Faundit continues to reduce waste by helping people recover their lost baggage, clothing, and more. By improving their messaging in to get those higher conversion rates, it will not only guarantee their success, but make the world a greener place.