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Why Demand Curve Trusts Over Anyone Else

Demand Curve is dedicated to teaching companies, from startups to enterprise-sized businesses, the best of modern marketing techniques. They are on a mission to equip companies who don’t have the traditional resources by designing tailored growth programs that teach their clients everything from content marketing, landing page creation, market research, acquisition strategy, and more. Demand Curve is inspired by the marketing agency model but puts a spin on it by crafting strategic digital courses for all of their customers’ marketing needs. With, they found the platform they could trust to deliver their marketing wisdom to help their customers grow.

Demand Curve has developed a sophisticated email program composed of several different messaging types within

  • A bi-weekly Growth Newsletter
  • Top of funnel conversion, i.e. follow-up emails for leads who expressed interest or requested a demo
  • Educational onboarding campaigns
  • Transactional receipts and confirmation emails
  • Re-engagement for inactive users
  • Emails soliciting feedback from customers

By building various messaging campaigns in one platform, Demand Curve can easily see and control all the messages they send their customers.

But it wasn’t always that simple.

The Journey

Before, Demand Curve tried many different messaging platforms, including MailChimp, Intercom, Active Campaign, and Rejoiner. When they found, a weight was immediately lifted off their shoulders. Finally, a platform they could trust with all the logic and flexibility needed to achieve their messaging goals, packaged in an easy-to-use user interface.

As seasoned marketers themselves, they already had a clear vision for their messaging approach. They knew which events they needed to send into, which messaging features were crucial, and which integrations were required.

Unlimited Events, Limitless Possibilities

Rich event data can make or break campaign aspirations. Demand Curve knew that to achieve the engagement and re-engagement results they wanted, they needed a platform that could process vast amounts of user activity data.

Some platforms, including Intercom, limit you to only 10 attributes on any event, with any additional attributes automatically dropped. That hard limit was a hard-pass for Demand Curve. has an event attribute limit of 100,000 bytes.

Deliverability You Can Count On

Deliverability was also an ever-challenging battle for Demand Curve while they were with other messaging providers. With Intercom, they had to be on a shared IP, with no option to be on a dedicated IP. Since switching to, they’ve seen a drastic improvement with their deliverability because they can be on their own dedicated IP with fewer restrictions on who they are able to email their newsletter to – which now has a 40-50% open rate. 

With previous providers, Demand Curve found their analytics to be inadequate for what they needed. provides analytics on performance and delivery on both a high-level and campaign-specific, which gives Demand Curve the ability to pinpoint what is working and where they need to pivot based on actionable insights within their dashboard.

Ease tries to make the road as easy as possible for customers to migrate their data into the platform, so that they can get started right away on building out complex campaigns with multiple event triggers and conditions.  

“The onboarding experience at was so great. Segment has the ‘replay’ feature, so it was super easy to switch over. Other companies claimed to have easy integrations with Segment but we found out the hard way that it wasn’t true.” 

Neal O’Grady, Co-Founder of Demand Curve

In the past with other messaging providers, they found that implementation wasn’t as easy as advertised. With ActiveCampaign, for example, they were never able to actually hook up Segment, rendering the platform unusable to them. 

With, Demand Curve estimates they save at least 4 hours a month on manual work, such as uploading CSVs. 

Another one of the reasons Demand Curve moved to was how easily they could customize emails in the platform.  

“With Intercom, you have to do everything in HTML and we don’t always have a technical person for that.”
Neal O’Grady, Co-Founder of Demand Curve

With’s easy-to-use platform, anyone within Demand Curve can create complex campaigns, without a dedicated employee.


Trust is at the core of everything Demand Curve does. Because of the nature of their consulting business, it’s crucial that they be able to communicate their expertise to their audience to foster trust. They’ve loved using to push out newsletters that provide value to their audience, make announcements, collect feedback, and show their audience that they are a reliable source of knowledge.

Knowing what you want your messaging strategy to do is only half the battle when it comes to performing. Having a messaging partner that enables that vision is an underrated challenge to accomplishing your goals. With, Demand Curve has been able to send messages to over 1.5 million profiles and rests easy knowing that those messages are delivered.