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API credential management: the control is yours!

In, your site ID and API key are used to authenticate with our API and send data to your workspace(s). They let your product share information with!

Prior to today, you only had one set of these credentials per workspace, and managing or rotating them yourself wasn’t really possible— you had to reach out to our support folks. Now, though, you can rotate your API credentials, create and use multiple sets, and manage it all from your account settings.

What’s changed?

If you only have one workspace, you’ll still see your Site ID and API key in Integrations, but you’ll see the new Manage Credentials button:

Managing single credentials

If you click that, you’ll head over to your Settings, which is where you’ll see the bulk of this new feature.

Manage as many site ID and API keys as you need

Because these credentials (if you have one set or several) power the movement of data between your app and, it’s good security practice to rotate them every now and then. You might also have different workspaces, or want different credentials for your website, Segment integration, and so on. And now, you can do that!

In your Settings, you’ll see this new Credentials area.

Managing multiple credentials

There’s lots of information here! You’ll see the name of the set, its site ID and API key, when they were created, for which workspace, and when they were last used.

From this area, you can also create new sets, rename existing ones, or delete sets that you no longer use. Check it out:

Creating new credentials

If you need a bit more detail on how to add, delete, or otherwise manage these credentials, head over to our knowledge base.

Note that this feature is only available for account admins!

That’s it!

As always, if you’ve got questions, feedback, or need a hand, we’re here for you at!