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2019 in Review: 9 Features You Should Know

This year flew by, didn’t it? Looking back at 2019, we’re proud of the work we did to continue making the best marketing automation platform for you.

We started the year by analyzing the cornerstone of our user experience, which lead to refreshing our entire interface. This gave us the foundation to reinvent our controlled, yet flexible, workflows. With these pivotal changes, we also introduced new metrics to better understand how users flow through campaigns and workflows.’s Year in Review is here—read up on the nine things you don’t want to miss from 2019!

What’s New?

1. Branching
The number one requested feature from 2019 was branching. We delivered not one, not two, but THREE new branching features: branching in workflows, branching conditions, and random cohort branch. Give it a try (if you have not already done so) and split your workflow to funnel users through different paths or randomly split people based on the percentage you define.

2. Ad Audience Sync
We know how important segmentation is for your marketing strategy, which is why we now allow you to synchronize your segment membership to your Google and Facebook ad accounts. segments show up in Ad Networks as audiences so you can target people with ads based on messaging behavior or save money by excluding people from audiences who already converted.

3. Measuring Success
To help you understand what’s happening in more complicated branching workflows, our campaign metrics got a lot of attention this year. The new Journey Metrics dashboard shows you how people are moving through your campaign. Rather than trying to decipher what’s happening by looking at metrics from each message individually, journey metrics let you see how the campaign is performing as a whole in terms of how many people started the campaign, exited early, or converted. Additionally, you have the ability to view Deliverability Metrics within the context of your visual workflow.

4. Limit Sending Rate
To avoid sudden volume spikes or being flagged as spam, you can now choose how fast (or slow) to send your newsletters. For example, set the maximum sending rate to 100k messages per hour.

5. Campaign Triggers
We also made several improvements that will make creating campaigns clearer, but maintain the flexibility you love with our messaging workflows. You are now able to:

  • Tell us how your campaign should trigger, rather than have to choose between complex campaign types. For example: 
    • Date-Triggered: Simplify the process of creating birthdays, anniversaries, and other recurring campaigns based on date attributes.
    • Event-Triggered: Our new addition Frequency allows you to limit the number of times a person can enter an event-triggered campaign.
  • Create a re-enterable campaign: Set how much time must pass before someone can trigger the campaign again.
  • Create a recurring campaign: People will automatically repeat the campaign at fixed intervals.

6. “Wait Until…” Delay
Do you want people to wait until your users meet a specific condition or enter a segment before receiving a message? You can now define a “Wait Until” action and paused users in a campaign until they do something you define or time elapses. For example, you can specify to “wait 7 days” then send a follow-up email to encourage them to complete filling out their account preferences.

7. Per-User Data in API Triggered Broadcasts
API Triggered Broadcasts are great when you need to message one-to-many users, but now you have the capability of including custom data for each recipient—think voucher code or personalized product recommendations in your messages.

8. Webhook Responses
In the workflow builder, you can use Webhook Responses to set people’s attributes. This allows you to retrieve fresh data from an endpoint and use it in your future messages. For example, you can use this feature to increment the lifetime_value of a person based on their purchases.

9. Duplicate Segments
Last but not least, you can now duplicate Data-driven Segments in Do you know what that means? Now you will have more time to focus on content and message strategy.

From the entire team at, we would like to thank you for the success in 2019. We’re excited about the new product features coming in 2020!

In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to