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or don't do in your app

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Send more relevant newsletters

Stop sending newsletters that your customers hate. lets you send newsletters to segments of customers using data from your site.

  • Segment in real-time with up to date data from your app. Email people who have spent at least $100 but haven't been back in a month.
  • Friendly editor lets anyone write emails
  • No lists to manage and you won't have to ask developers to export data for you.
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Automatically email people based on what they do (or don't do) in your app

Our advanced rules engine lets you easily send drip-campaigns and trigger emails

  • Start a 5-email drip campaign automatically after someone is inactive for 30 days
  • Send a triggered email 47 minutes after someone abandons their cart
  • Track success by tying your emails to a conversion on your site

Get the full picture of your customer communications

You can look up a customer and see all the transactional email, newsletters, or triggered email they've received from you

  • Send a one-time message to a customer tracking opens and clicks
  • Find out how people respond to the different types of emails you send
  • Check up on a customer by viewing site activity to see if they need help
With the customer view you can see emails sent, and data about each person