Release Notes

Version 6.2.10: Newsletter Exports, Segment Filters, and Webhooks

Released on Mar 24 2016

Additional exports and new segment filtering are the stars of our releases this week.

We’ve added new exports for All-Time metrics to Newsletters and Triggered Campaigns, our Webhooks provide a new data field, and our Segment Builder now has a condition filter for Suppressed Emails.

Get detailed campaign performance as a CSV

On the Overview page in Triggered Campaigns as well as the Reports page in sent Newsletters, you’ll now see an Export button that allows you to export detailed performance for analysis outside of

You’ll receive a CSV with all the performance data for each email in your Newsletter or Triggered Campaign.

Segment by Suppressed Emails

Segments can now be created or modified with conditions that filter suppressed emails. Filtering suppressed email recipients will allow you to refine your list of active emails, or easily remove suppressed users from existing Triggered Campaigns or Newsletters.

Suppressed Email Condition

Get message attribution data from Webhooks

Delivered webhooks data now allows you to create message-level attribution to actions like unsubscribes or conversions by tying each action to a specific message alongside the relevant campaign data.

Access this new data through the Webhooks field message_id

Bug Fixes

  • Pre-mailer now handles <style> tags in your email body. Previously when Pre-mailer processed style tags contained in the body of an e-mail, the content would show up in plain text. This is now correctly stripped out of emails before they send.


Version 6.2.4: Newsletters Workflows and Custom Columns

Released on Mar 16 2016

It’s been a busy week for workflow improvements at!

We refreshed our Newsletter Workflow and released a new Column Editor tool to enhance how we display data in our People section. Plus we made a batch of performance and stability improvements.

Newsletters Refined

The biggest change you’ll notice this week is a complete overhaul of our newsletters workflow that incorporates many of the improvements we made in our Triggered Campaigns update earlier this year — a clearer process for newsletter creation and review.

Custom Column Editor

There’s a lot of valuable user attribute information stored in Our new column editor allows you to surface the attribute data that matters most in a convenient search-and-select interface.

Column Editor Gif

You can easily sort your attribute column options with the search function or select from the full list with a click.

Stability Improvements

We’ve improved the load times and performance of newsletters with tweaks to the data we deliver on each page load.

Bug Fixes

  • Campaign exports now correctly include delivery metrics for variations. Our delivery metrics exports was skipping the stats for any active A/B test you had, so we’ve fixed that.

  • A week ago we introduced a bug which would clear the attribute filter for event triggered campaigns when you visited the trigger page. You would then be prompted to “Save Changes”, and if you did, the filter would be deleted. We’ve added tests for this edge case and fixed the bug.

  • Fixed “mixed content” HTTPS security warnings. When visiting a person profile page or using the composer, we use Gravatar to show you photos of your customers. We upgraded to the secure API recently, which fixed the “mixed content” warnings your browser may have shown.

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Version 6.1.9: Responsive Email Preview

Released on Mar 4 2016

This week, we added a simple mobile preview option to the email composer. You can now quickly check how your responsive email templates look at mobile widths!

We also improved composer preview support for event triggered campaigns, and tied up a couple of loose ends elsewhere in the app.

Composer: Responsive Preview

Responsive preview button

Preview your responsive email templates with our desktop/mobile toggle button. It’s at the top right of the composer preview panel. Check it out!

Composer: Event Triggered Campaigns

For some event triggered campaigns, our sample data loader couldn’t find customers to merge. Anonymous invitation email campaigns wouldn’t show any people to merge, and event triggered campaigns where some customers had been deleted would cause things to go a bit wonky. We’re now ready for those edge cases, and you can always merge some sample data.

Loose Ends: Tied Up

When you visit bookmark but you’re logged out, or if you’re jumping between two accounts, we would mistakenly redirect you to the dashboard instead of your intended page. We now redirect you where you wanted to go after logging in.

One of our email metric totals wasn’t counting A/B variation deliveries, only originals. We’ve added those in to make sure everything adds up correctly and makes sense.

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Version 6.1.7: Composer Follow-ups

Released on Feb 25 2016

This week we’ve been hard at work polishing up some rough edges in the new email composer.

Composer fixes and improvements

  • When editing emails in triggered campaigns, the composer defaults to showing you users who match the campaign settings. Some event triggered emails would show an empty user list, which wasn’t very useful. We added a fallback to show all customers instead.

  • Also in event triggered campaigns: if you tried to preview emails with events received before the campaign started, our previewer would fail to render. We’ve taken a new approach to previewing so that this edge case doesn’t apply. Merge and preview all the events you can find!

  • Did you know that you can use Liquid in your from address identity name? To help you see what this will do, we added the full from address to the composer preview.

  • For some emails, the composer would sometimes get confused about how tall the preview should be. This would show up as a cropped email preview, or a huge scrollbar. We found a simpler way to handle this and now it works reliably.

Load time improvements

As a remote team, many of us travel a lot, which results in variable internet connection speeds. This week we noticed that the Filestack plugin which provides our email editor image upload feature was slowing down our application load. We’ve fixed this to load asynchronously, saving as much as 10 seconds on a 3G or satellite connection.


Version 6.1.3: Your New Composer

Released on Feb 19 2016

We’ve been working on some big changes for months now, and we’re shipping two back to back!

In case you missed it: last week we revamped triggered campaigns, making it easier to create new campaigns and improving the organization of old ones. This week, we’re diving deeper in to campaigns and in to editing your emails specifically.

Email Composer

The biggest change you’ll see (and this one is a long time coming) is a new 3-panel modern email composer. This makes it easier than ever to write emails and newsletters, merge in customer and event data with Liquid, and live preview as you type.

UI Design Refinements

We’re always polishing our UI to make the application run more smoothly and consistently. Notable changes this week:

  • We’ve modernised and narrowed the application layout. This keeps UI elements close to each other, making it easier to use elements like campaign message cards or the segment builder.
  • The people listing page has been given some more attention, tidying up the header and filters to match the rest of the site, and improving the table styling.
  • Newsletter split test cards now match up with the new campaign message cards.


We also squashed a few bugs this week:

  • Delivery logs for emails sent to customers who were later deleted had broken links, and clicking them would confusingly do nothing. This has been cleaned up.
  • When sending a test copy of a newsletter, the “Sending test…” button would get stuck. The test did send, but our UI was confused, so we’ve fixed that.
  • Customers with long attribute values (especially JSON) could cause the people page layout to break. Now they’ll be truncated properly and everything works fine.


Version 6.0.0: Triggered Campaign Workflows

Released on Feb 11 2016

Hello behavioral marketing fans!

The product and engineering team is picking up steam and we’ve got a couple of weeks of great releases for you. In this week’s episode…

Triggered Campaigns Refined

The big story this week is a vastly improved process for creating and editing triggered campaigns. Changes that may seem cosmetic on the surface are going to support one of our big initiatives for the year.

More Consistent UI

We’ve updated some of the iconography around the app to increase consistency. One specific area is around the colors used to represent different states of a triggered message:

Message statuses

And, when you have an A/B test running, we’re now using bolder colors (red and blue) throughout the app to make it easy to distinguish your A/B tests.

AB test performance AB test popover

People List Now Has IDs

Wikipedia uses a term: Disambiguation to help figure out which one you meant. We’ve added IDs in the list of people to help you spot differences between two users who might have the same email address. We also temporarily removed last_visited and last_emailed while we improve the underlying tech that powers those fields.


Bugs Squashed:

  • Last week we broke the display of A/B tests results. We deployed a fix for that issue.
  • Emails with a really long “From field” looked crazy in our editor. We added a fix to show a truncated line of te… <- (yup. just like that).
  • We fixed a XSS issue on the unsubscribe page

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Version 5.9.0: Error alerts and bug fixes

Released on Feb 4 2016

This week, lots of invisible work is happening behind the scenes. You can’t see it right now, but we promise it’s very exciting. Expect more news soon!

What you can see are a new error alert widget, a couple of bug fixes, and a change to email filtering to help us improve responsiveness and scalability. Read on for the details.

Error Alerts

Sometimes things go wrong. If an error happens, we want you to be informed about the details, no matter where you are in the application. So we’ve been working on improving our error notifications.

If an error happens when saving changes, an alert will show up at the top right of the window. Click “More…” to see the details of what went wrong.

Error alerts UI

We’re working on rolling this out throughout the rest of the application now.

Bug Fixes

We recently introduced a bug when editing and sending drafts. Changes made to the draft body were not being saved before sending the final message. This was a doozy, but we’ve fixed it and made sure our automated tests cover this so it won’t happen again.

When adding variations to newsletters, some unusual content could cause the email template to be corrupted. You’d see this as obviously missing content in your variation. We tracked this down and fixed the parsing error that was causing this.

Email Filtering Restrictions

To make our delivery search index more robust, we’re moving to a 30-day window for searching. You’ll still be able to search and filter any emails or drafts sent recently, and browse through all your historical data if you need to. The main thing is that searching will be faster and more reliable, even if you’re sending millions of emails per month.

One consequence of this is that we won’t be able to support email search on an individual customer’s person page. You’ll see this as a disabled “Filters” button for customer emails & drafts.

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Version 5.8.9: Save & Continue, faster exports

Released on Jan 21 2016

In this week’s release, we’ve got a few things for you: an easier way of saving your work as you go, much faster exports, and a little UI polish.

Save & Continue

We’ve made it easier to save your work as you navigate around the app. If you edit an email then click on a link before saving, we’ll just check if you meant to discard your changes, or save & continue onward.

Save and continue

A small related change: we added “Discard changes” support to our email editor. So if you get into a mess and want to revert your work, you can now do so easily.

Exports: Now Faster!

Did you know that you can export your customer data? Our back end engineers have been working hard on making this much quicker recently, and as a result exports now run up to 10x faster! If you have a lot of customers in our system, this can make a big difference.

Activity Logs Filtering

Our activity logs filtering is now easier to use. A little bit of polish on the UI here has cleared up a couple of confusing elements. Hope you like the change.

Activity logs filtering UI

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Version 5.8.6: Fixing some bugs

Released on Jan 21 2016

We’re all hard at work on some upcoming features. Exciting times ahead! Meanwhile, we tidied up a few little bugs that appeared this week.

Bugs Squished

The “not in” segment search for the people listing wasn’t working, and the button for toggling between “in” and “not in” was confusing. We’ve now fixed both problems.

Not-in segment search

When previewing an A/B test variation for an event triggered campaign, there was a bug preventing you from merging in a user and event. We’ve now synced it up with the email preview, so both work as expected in this case.

Our segment “processing” indicator would sometimes get stuck in a loop, and send lots of requests to our API servers. This might cause your browser to slow down, and wasn’t great for our servers either. Fixed.

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Version 5.8.2: Newsletter split-testing back on track, and bug fixes

Released on Jan 14 2016

Our new split testing feature for newsletters shipped earlier this week. Along with it, a couple of bugs crept in, which we’ve squashed with today’s release.

Bugs Fixed

When browsing, the sent newsletter metrics data got stuck on the first one you viewed (until you hard-refreshed the page). This is now fixed.

Newsletter schedules would sometimes be missing from the UI. If you scheduled a newsletter, we’d show the send date & time on the listing page, but clicking on the detail page would show that it had no schedule. We’ve fixed the bug and now it’s always up to date.

Copying a split-tested newsletter would only copy one template. This is now fixed so that the newsletter is a full duplicate.

We’ve also tweaked our campaign exports file to use the consistent name for suppressed emails. Previously, we were using our internal name, “dropped”, which was confusing.

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