Version 7.1.7: CSV upload for newsletters, Campaign upgrades, bugfixes and enhancements

Released on Oct 13 2016

CSV Upload for Newsletters

Sometimes you need to message users that don’t share an attribute and don’t belong to a segment. This just became a lot easier with our new CSV upload for newsletters.

To get started: upload a one column CSV file with the unique IDs of the people you want to message and proceed with building your newsletter like you normally do.

CSV upload for newsletters

Campaign upgrades rollout

We are steadily upgrading all accounts to our new improved Campaigns infrastructure and UI. You will be notified ahead of time via email before we begin to convert your old campaigns.

Once upgraded your campaigns will have access to all our recently released Actions including Webhooks, Slack posts, Twilio SMS, and Urban Airship push notifications.

Bugs Smashed

  • Fixed page titles that were appearing as null history entries in Chrome
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from selecting an action by its first letter in the “Add action…” dropdown
  • Resolved an issue where links on the Exports page to a filtered People page were not properly displaying negative filter conditions
  • Very long user attributes now wrap when displayed on the User detail page
  • Resolved an issue where the save bar would not disappear after user attributes had been updated or added
  • Fixed an issue that allowed certain newsletters to be saved in an invalid state

Minor enhancements

  • Added “select all” text to our Delivery logs page selector to make its behavior more explicit
  • For campaigns with only one message in their workflow, there is once again a link to that message on the Campaign Overview.
  • Added descriptive copy around the Preview box for Newsletter recipients. The preview does not omit unsubscribed users.
  • We improved our error messaging around missing liquid variables and made them much more readable

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