Version 7.0.12: Message status indicators, Updated settings pages, Segmenting on Webhooks activity

Released on Aug 19 2016

Hey, its been a long time since we’ve seen you here in our release notes, but our releases haven’t stopped! Here’s a recap:

Message Status Indicators

See at a glance which messages in your campaign are drafted (with yellow indicators) or set to not send (with red indicators).

Segment descriptions

Updated Settings Pages

We’ve brought our settings pages up to speed with the style, icons, and organization of your dashboard! Your settings are right where you left them — now with a new place to manage your Actions.

Segment descriptions

Segment on Webhooks activity

Now that you can connect to many new services through Webhook Actions, it’s important that you be able to segment based on webhook activity too.

Segment descriptions

Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed an integration issue in our settings that prevented Segment Source data from connecting with during setup
  • Fixed bug which had caused some links in the app to appear broken on first click
  • Fixed issues relating to Webhooks naming, metrics, and activity throughout the app
    • Updated modal copy around deleting and retrying Webhooks to correctly reference webhooks and not emails
    • Updated activity entries with improved copy for attempted webhooks and Action status for HTTP responses
    • Fixed an issue where delivery log filters were not properly sorting for Webhooks in a specific Campaign
    • Changed the Delivery Logs column order to be consistent between Emails and Webhooks

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