Version 6.9.5: Link Validation and Descriptive Export Titles

Released on Jun 2 2016

Email Link Validation

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Our Composer has a nifty new tool that analyzes all the links in the body of your e-mail and checks for errors. Previously we would try our best to render the links you created, but didn’t give you the opportunity to look at the errors we found until after you’d sent your e-mail. Now you can see exactly what links we’re tracking and validation for several common errors.

Review Links Button

Descriptive Export Titles

Your exports now have the full name of your segment in our export list page instead of the segment ID number, as well as Newsletter or Campaign names when you export metrics. It should be much easier to pick your export out of a crowd!

UI Improvements

We’ve made a small change to the Composer to make the path to exit clearer. The top right now features a primary button that is highlighted when you’ve saved your current changes.

Bugs Squashed

  • We identified several cases where we weren’t pulling the freshest data from our servers when you edited a segment or layout. We’ve fixed this, so now every time you load a page, the data is always up to date.
  • In certain situations when the code editor was open in composer, the “save changes” bar would not disappear after you discarded your changes. We now properly hide the “save changes” bar in this situation.
  • We resolved an issue where A/B tests would show incorrect dates on our performance graph. We’ve updated our graphs to display the correct ranges.
  • A/B test performance graphs would graph data from before the test started. This data is no longer included.
  • New accounts reported that editing our sample emails caused issues updating or saving changes. This was caused by a bug in our link reviewer which has now been fixed.
  • The pop-over that displays a summary of your segment was incorrectly displaying all email based conditions as “deleted e-mail”. The pop-over now correctly lists your email segment conditions.
  • We resolved a UI bug where the the name of your segment would not properly wrap in the pop-over summary. Segment names now properly wrap in the pop-over.
  • Finally we resolved several bugs where export names would not display correctly, would be blank, or the export page wouldn’t load when attempting to display our new export descriptions.

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