Version 6.8.1: Newsletter Metrics Exports and Bug Hunting

Released on May 23 2016

Bulk Newsletter Metrics Exports

After we introduced individual newsletter metrics exports back in March, many of you asked for a bulk export of the metrics for all your newsletters to compare week by week.

So here it is! Visit your newsletter listing page, make sure to filter out any drafts by clicking on the “Sent” tab, then click “Export to CSV”. You’ll get a report with one line per newsletter, including all the metrics you’d expect: totals for sent, opened, clicked, and so on. Let us know what you think!

How to do bulk newsletter exports

Bug Hunting

Our QA, tech support, and engineering teams have been working hard to clean up lots of small bugs too:

  • Preview of event-triggered campaign attribute filter was unreliable. When setting up the trigger for an event campaign, you can add a filter on the event attributes. Our live event preview was not working properly if you used a filter operator other than equal to. Fixed, and also refreshed the UI.
  • Event attribute filter summary was wrong. For filters with operators other than equal to, we were also not displaying the attribute filter correctly on the campaign overview page. Fixed.
  • Composer: insert link button was confusing. When inserting a second link, you would see the previous link information in the popup. This has been cleaned up now.
  • Composer: can’t scroll to bottom of code editor. In code-editing mode, the save bar would obscure the last two lines of your email. We’ve fixed this to resize the editor properly.
  • Our campaign A/B test results page could get mixed up. If you visited a campaign with an A/B test, then navigated to another campaign without an A/B test, the UI would show you the first campaign’s test. This was a caching bug which we’ve now fixed.
  • Performance graphs were not showing full 30 days of data. On the main dashboard and the campaign overview, you can see the performance of your campaign over time. But when you selected “Last 30 days”, we would only show the last two weeks. Now you can see the whole picture.
  • Pagination totals on the newsletter listing page were wrong. Details matter! Fixed.
  • Deep links to filtered delivery logs were broken. If you sent someone the URL of a delivery logs result filtered by email, our app would lose the filter when loading. Fixed.

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