Version 6.7.1: Email Logs Exports and Data Freshness

Released on May 13 2016

Email Logs Export

You asked for it, so we built it: email logs export is here. Get full data for all your sent emails, including all of our tracking information. You can filter by campaign or newsletter, specific email, or even whether the messages were opened, clicked, or converted. Give it a shot!

Email logs export

Data Freshness

When you click on a link in our application, you should always see the most recent data. We audited our front end code to make this happen throughout. No more hard refresh to make sure you’ve got the latest stats or configuration. We’re still working on a few edge cases here and there and will keep you posted.

Bugs Squashed

We also found and fixed a couple of tiny bugs:

  • A/B test graph legend colors were out of date. We used to use green and gold for these graphs, and recently updated to red and blue. When we did, the hover legend was missed, which made it a bit useless. Now working!

  • Email and drafts logs copes with network or server errors. Recent work on the email logs pages broke our handling of network errors. If the API failed when you were fetching emails, our UI would read “No emails found” instead of showing the error. Fixed.

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