Version 6.4.3: Delivery Logs, Delete Modal, and Bug Fixes

Released on May 4 2016

Delivery Logs Improvements

We spruced up our delivery logs UI this week. We noticed some slowdown when you have a lot of campaigns, newsletters, and emails in your account. After some hard thinking (and a few gallons of coffee) we’ve made big improvements.

  • The delivery logs page now loads up to 9x faster than before. For example, in our test account, we reduced the load time from 4 seconds down to less than half a second.

  • We’ve also brought the UI style up to date, and A/B test emails are in line with the rest of the application:

Email filters dropdown

Better Delete Modal

Our delete modal dialog now handles API errors or network timeouts. Previously we would happily assume that everything was working perfectly, which was confusing when a delete would fail.

Delete modal waits

Now the modal stays open until we’ve confirmed that the API operation has finished. And if there’s a network error, we let you know. A small change to give you more transparency!

Bugs Squashed

We also found and fixed a few small bugs:

  • Campaign overview metric summary stats had a couple of edge case bugs. When you used the dropdown to filter the metrics by email, the links to filtered email logs were broken. We also improved this dropdown to reuse the UI work from delivery logs.

  • Clicking on the “Workflow” tab while already in the campaign workflow would show a blank page, instead of doing nothing. Fixed.

  • Campaign delivery logs had a blank space at the top. This was an unintentional side effect of the delivery logs work. Pardon our dust.

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