Version 6.3.4: Alerts and Bugfixes

Released on Apr 15 2016

The team is hard at work on new features, but we found some time this week to squash some pesky bugs too! We also made a small tweak to how we display alerts.

New Alert Style

Alerts now handle transitioning between multiple messages more gracefully and better match the design language of the rest of our dashboard.

New Alert Style

Bugs Squashed

We resolved two related issues in Composer and another that affected newsletters:

First, when the initial merge data was empty for an email the Composer preview would not render correctly until you changed the value of a field to trigger it.

Second, when there was an error loading the same initial merge data in Composer, the loading spinner would run indefinitely. The preview now renders as you would expect.

When you clicked the newsletter “Send” button, we’d send your newsletter, but no confirmation was given. We now correctly redirect you to the newsletter’s Reports page.

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