Version 6.2.4: Newsletters Workflows and Custom Columns

Released on Mar 16 2016

It’s been a busy week for workflow improvements at!

We refreshed our Newsletter Workflow and released a new Column Editor tool to enhance how we display data in our People section. Plus we made a batch of performance and stability improvements.

Newsletters Refined

The biggest change you’ll notice this week is a complete overhaul of our newsletters workflow that incorporates many of the improvements we made in our Triggered Campaigns update earlier this year — a clearer process for newsletter creation and review.

Custom Column Editor

There’s a lot of valuable user attribute information stored in Our new column editor allows you to surface the attribute data that matters most in a convenient search-and-select interface.

Column Editor Gif

You can easily sort your attribute column options with the search function or select from the full list with a click.

Stability Improvements

We’ve improved the load times and performance of newsletters with tweaks to the data we deliver on each page load.

Bug Fixes

  • Campaign exports now correctly include delivery metrics for variations. Our delivery metrics exports was skipping the stats for any active A/B test you had, so we’ve fixed that.

  • A week ago we introduced a bug which would clear the attribute filter for event triggered campaigns when you visited the trigger page. You would then be prompted to “Save Changes”, and if you did, the filter would be deleted. We’ve added tests for this edge case and fixed the bug.

  • Fixed “mixed content” HTTPS security warnings. When visiting a person profile page or using the composer, we use Gravatar to show you photos of your customers. We upgraded to the secure API recently, which fixed the “mixed content” warnings your browser may have shown.

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