Version 6.2.10: Newsletter Exports, Segment Filters, and Webhooks

Released on Mar 24 2016

Additional exports and new segment filtering are the stars of our releases this week.

We’ve added new exports for All-Time metrics to Newsletters and Triggered Campaigns, our Webhooks provide a new data field, and our Segment Builder now has a condition filter for Suppressed Emails.

Get detailed campaign performance as a CSV

On the Overview page in Triggered Campaigns as well as the Reports page in sent Newsletters, you’ll now see an Export button that allows you to export detailed performance for analysis outside of

You’ll receive a CSV with all the performance data for each email in your Newsletter or Triggered Campaign.

Segment by Suppressed Emails

Segments can now be created or modified with conditions that filter suppressed emails. Filtering suppressed email recipients will allow you to refine your list of active emails, or easily remove suppressed users from existing Triggered Campaigns or Newsletters.

Suppressed Email Condition

Get message attribution data from Webhooks

Delivered webhooks data now allows you to create message-level attribution to actions like unsubscribes or conversions by tying each action to a specific message alongside the relevant campaign data.

Access this new data through the Webhooks field message_id

Bug Fixes

  • Pre-mailer now handles <style> tags in your email body. Previously when Pre-mailer processed style tags contained in the body of an e-mail, the content would show up in plain text. This is now correctly stripped out of emails before they send.