Version 6.1.9: Responsive Email Preview

Released on Mar 4 2016

This week, we added a simple mobile preview option to the email composer. You can now quickly check how your responsive email templates look at mobile widths!

We also improved composer preview support for event triggered campaigns, and tied up a couple of loose ends elsewhere in the app.

Composer: Responsive Preview

Responsive preview button

Preview your responsive email templates with our desktop/mobile toggle button. It’s at the top right of the composer preview panel. Check it out!

Composer: Event Triggered Campaigns

For some event triggered campaigns, our sample data loader couldn’t find customers to merge. Anonymous invitation email campaigns wouldn’t show any people to merge, and event triggered campaigns where some customers had been deleted would cause things to go a bit wonky. We’re now ready for those edge cases, and you can always merge some sample data.

Loose Ends: Tied Up

When you visit bookmark but you’re logged out, or if you’re jumping between two accounts, we would mistakenly redirect you to the dashboard instead of your intended page. We now redirect you where you wanted to go after logging in.

One of our email metric totals wasn’t counting A/B variation deliveries, only originals. We’ve added those in to make sure everything adds up correctly and makes sense.

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