Version 6.1.7: Composer Follow-ups

Released on Feb 25 2016

This week we’ve been hard at work polishing up some rough edges in the new email composer.

Composer fixes and improvements

  • When editing emails in triggered campaigns, the composer defaults to showing you users who match the campaign settings. Some event triggered emails would show an empty user list, which wasn’t very useful. We added a fallback to show all customers instead.

  • Also in event triggered campaigns: if you tried to preview emails with events received before the campaign started, our previewer would fail to render. We’ve taken a new approach to previewing so that this edge case doesn’t apply. Merge and preview all the events you can find!

  • Did you know that you can use Liquid in your from address identity name? To help you see what this will do, we added the full from address to the composer preview.

  • For some emails, the composer would sometimes get confused about how tall the preview should be. This would show up as a cropped email preview, or a huge scrollbar. We found a simpler way to handle this and now it works reliably.

Load time improvements

As a remote team, many of us travel a lot, which results in variable internet connection speeds. This week we noticed that the Filestack plugin which provides our email editor image upload feature was slowing down our application load. We’ve fixed this to load asynchronously, saving as much as 10 seconds on a 3G or satellite connection.