Version 6.1.3: Your New Composer

Released on Feb 19 2016

We’ve been working on some big changes for months now, and we’re shipping two back to back!

In case you missed it: last week we revamped triggered campaigns, making it easier to create new campaigns and improving the organization of old ones. This week, we’re diving deeper in to campaigns and in to editing your emails specifically.

Email Composer

The biggest change you’ll see (and this one is a long time coming) is a new 3-panel modern email composer. This makes it easier than ever to write emails and newsletters, merge in customer and event data with Liquid, and live preview as you type.

UI Design Refinements

We’re always polishing our UI to make the application run more smoothly and consistently. Notable changes this week:

  • We’ve modernised and narrowed the application layout. This keeps UI elements close to each other, making it easier to use elements like campaign message cards or the segment builder.
  • The people listing page has been given some more attention, tidying up the header and filters to match the rest of the site, and improving the table styling.
  • Newsletter split test cards now match up with the new campaign message cards.


We also squashed a few bugs this week:

  • Delivery logs for emails sent to customers who were later deleted had broken links, and clicking them would confusingly do nothing. This has been cleaned up.
  • When sending a test copy of a newsletter, the “Sending test…” button would get stuck. The test did send, but our UI was confused, so we’ve fixed that.
  • Customers with long attribute values (especially JSON) could cause the people page layout to break. Now they’ll be truncated properly and everything works fine.