Version 6.10.7: Updated status labels, Segment Descriptions, More specific timestamps

Released on Jun 29 2016

Segment descriptions

Add descriptions to your segments! Now you can describe the purpose of your more complex segments or add notes to better communicate how a segment works to your team.

Segment descriptions

Updated status labels

For clearer indication of message and subscription statuses, our status labels are now more consistent with the colors and style of the rest of the app. The colors better reflect different states, with higher contrast bolded text.

New delivery status labels

“Today” timestamp label

For email deliveries sent today, we previously showed only the time: “9:03 am”. The time is now more explicit, showing “Today at 9:03 am”. Hooray for clarity!

Standardized delete modals

We’ve updated our delete modals across the entire application to be more consistent in style and description. It’s now easier to know exactly what you’re deleting, and what impact the deletion will have.


  • We fixed tab key navigation in Composer. You can now hit tab to move from the subject to body. Efficiency!
  • Hosted images were being served from a blacklisted CDN, which could impact email deliverability. We’ve moved to a new image host and this is now fixed.
  • When searching by email address in our logs, the results would refresh with each character but return no results. Our search now correctly refreshes only when you click “search”.

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