Version 6.0.0: Triggered Campaign Workflows

Released on Feb 11 2016

Hello behavioral marketing fans!

The product and engineering team is picking up steam and we’ve got a couple of weeks of great releases for you. In this week’s episode…

Triggered Campaigns Refined

The big story this week is a vastly improved process for creating and editing triggered campaigns. Changes that may seem cosmetic on the surface are going to support one of our big initiatives for the year.

More Consistent UI

We’ve updated some of the iconography around the app to increase consistency. One specific area is around the colors used to represent different states of a triggered message:

Message statuses

And, when you have an A/B test running, we’re now using bolder colors (red and blue) throughout the app to make it easy to distinguish your A/B tests.

AB test performance AB test popover

People List Now Has IDs

Wikipedia uses a term: Disambiguation to help figure out which one you meant. We’ve added IDs in the list of people to help you spot differences between two users who might have the same email address. We also temporarily removed last_visited and last_emailed while we improve the underlying tech that powers those fields.


Bugs Squashed:

  • Last week we broke the display of A/B tests results. We deployed a fix for that issue.
  • Emails with a really long “From field” looked crazy in our editor. We added a fix to show a truncated line of te… <- (yup. just like that).
  • We fixed a XSS issue on the unsubscribe page

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