Version 5.9.0: Error alerts and bug fixes

Released on Feb 4 2016

This week, lots of invisible work is happening behind the scenes. You can’t see it right now, but we promise it’s very exciting. Expect more news soon!

What you can see are a new error alert widget, a couple of bug fixes, and a change to email filtering to help us improve responsiveness and scalability. Read on for the details.

Error Alerts

Sometimes things go wrong. If an error happens, we want you to be informed about the details, no matter where you are in the application. So we’ve been working on improving our error notifications.

If an error happens when saving changes, an alert will show up at the top right of the window. Click “More…” to see the details of what went wrong.

Error alerts UI

We’re working on rolling this out throughout the rest of the application now.

Bug Fixes

We recently introduced a bug when editing and sending drafts. Changes made to the draft body were not being saved before sending the final message. This was a doozy, but we’ve fixed it and made sure our automated tests cover this so it won’t happen again.

When adding variations to newsletters, some unusual content could cause the email template to be corrupted. You’d see this as obviously missing content in your variation. We tracked this down and fixed the parsing error that was causing this.

Email Filtering Restrictions

To make our delivery search index more robust, we’re moving to a 30-day window for searching. You’ll still be able to search and filter any emails or drafts sent recently, and browse through all your historical data if you need to. The main thing is that searching will be faster and more reliable, even if you’re sending millions of emails per month.

One consequence of this is that we won’t be able to support email search on an individual customer’s person page. You’ll see this as a disabled “Filters” button for customer emails & drafts.

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