Version 5.8.9: Save & Continue, faster exports

Released on Jan 21 2016

In this week’s release, we’ve got a few things for you: an easier way of saving your work as you go, much faster exports, and a little UI polish.

Save & Continue

We’ve made it easier to save your work as you navigate around the app. If you edit an email then click on a link before saving, we’ll just check if you meant to discard your changes, or save & continue onward.

Save and continue

A small related change: we added “Discard changes” support to our email editor. So if you get into a mess and want to revert your work, you can now do so easily.

Exports: Now Faster!

Did you know that you can export your customer data? Our back end engineers have been working hard on making this much quicker recently, and as a result exports now run up to 10x faster! If you have a lot of customers in our system, this can make a big difference.

Activity Logs Filtering

Our activity logs filtering is now easier to use. A little bit of polish on the UI here has cleared up a couple of confusing elements. Hope you like the change.

Activity logs filtering UI

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