Version 5.8.6: Fixing some bugs

Released on Jan 21 2016

We’re all hard at work on some upcoming features. Exciting times ahead! Meanwhile, we tidied up a few little bugs that appeared this week.

Bugs Squished

The “not in” segment search for the people listing wasn’t working, and the button for toggling between “in” and “not in” was confusing. We’ve now fixed both problems.

Not-in segment search

When previewing an A/B test variation for an event triggered campaign, there was a bug preventing you from merging in a user and event. We’ve now synced it up with the email preview, so both work as expected in this case.

Our segment “processing” indicator would sometimes get stuck in a loop, and send lots of requests to our API servers. This might cause your browser to slow down, and wasn’t great for our servers either. Fixed.

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