Version 5.8.2: Newsletter split-testing back on track, and bug fixes

Released on Jan 14 2016

Our new split testing feature for newsletters shipped earlier this week. Along with it, a couple of bugs crept in, which we’ve squashed with today’s release.

Bugs Fixed

When browsing, the sent newsletter metrics data got stuck on the first one you viewed (until you hard-refreshed the page). This is now fixed.

Newsletter schedules would sometimes be missing from the UI. If you scheduled a newsletter, we’d show the send date & time on the listing page, but clicking on the detail page would show that it had no schedule. We’ve fixed the bug and now it’s always up to date.

Copying a split-tested newsletter would only copy one template. This is now fixed so that the newsletter is a full duplicate.

We’ve also tweaked our campaign exports file to use the consistent name for suppressed emails. Previously, we were using our internal name, “dropped”, which was confusing.

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