Version 5.8.0: Newsletter split testing, and segment by individual link clicks

Released on Jan 11 2016

Newsletter split testing

Test and improve your newsletter performance with split testing! You can now set up multiple variations for every newsletter, and compare performance metrics for different subject lines, from addresses, layouts, or content.

Newsletter add variation

All your metrics are broken down by variation, and available in a default summary view. This includes opens, clicks (including individual links), and conversions.

Newsletter split metrics

And you can even send your test newsletter to a sample percentage of your recipients first, so that you can choose a winner and send that to the rest.

Newsletter sample percentage

Find out more about newsletter split testing in our docs.

Who clicked on that link?

Thanks to our click tracking feature, you can now segment by users who have clicked on a specific link in an email. Copy and paste the URL from your email template, or use a wildcard (e.g. .\*account/signup* for any link including “account/signup”).

Segment by link click

Bug fixes

When first editing a new email or newsletter, our save bar would say you had unsaved changes even before you did anything. This was due to our UI being understandably confused between the difference between missing and blank email body. The code has been fixed to cope with this, so no more unnecessary save bar.

When viewing segments for a person who doesn’t belong to any, we previously showed a blank white page. This looked like something was broken, so we added a message here to explain that the person doesn’t belong to any segments.

Finally, last week’s 5.7.0 release had a couple of bugs with showing A/B test results and using the WYSIWYG editor. As a result, we rolled it back and carefully fixed those up. Pardon our dust!