Release Notes

Version 7.1.7: CSV upload for newsletters, Campaign upgrades, bugfixes and enhancements

Released on Oct 13 2016

CSV Upload for Newsletters

Sometimes you need to message users that don’t share an attribute and don’t belong to a segment. This just became a lot easier with our new CSV upload for newsletters.

To get started: upload a one column CSV file with the unique IDs of the people you want to message and proceed with building your newsletter like you normally do.

CSV upload for newsletters

Campaign upgrades rollout

We are steadily upgrading all accounts to our new improved Campaigns infrastructure and UI. You will be notified ahead of time via email before we begin to convert your old campaigns.

Once upgraded your campaigns will have access to all our recently released Actions including Webhooks, Slack posts, Twilio SMS, and Urban Airship push notifications.

Bugs Smashed

  • Fixed page titles that were appearing as null history entries in Chrome
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from selecting an action by its first letter in the “Add action…” dropdown
  • Resolved an issue where links on the Exports page to a filtered People page were not properly displaying negative filter conditions
  • Very long user attributes now wrap when displayed on the User detail page
  • Resolved an issue where the save bar would not disappear after user attributes had been updated or added
  • Fixed an issue that allowed certain newsletters to be saved in an invalid state

Minor enhancements

  • Added “select all” text to our Delivery logs page selector to make its behavior more explicit
  • For campaigns with only one message in their workflow, there is once again a link to that message on the Campaign Overview.
  • Added descriptive copy around the Preview box for Newsletter recipients. The preview does not omit unsubscribed users.
  • We improved our error messaging around missing liquid variables and made them much more readable

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Version 7.0.12: Message status indicators, Updated settings pages, Segmenting on Webhooks activity

Released on Aug 19 2016

Hey, its been a long time since we’ve seen you here in our release notes, but our releases haven’t stopped! Here’s a recap:

Message Status Indicators

See at a glance which messages in your campaign are drafted (with yellow indicators) or set to not send (with red indicators).

Segment descriptions

Updated Settings Pages

We’ve brought our settings pages up to speed with the style, icons, and organization of your dashboard! Your settings are right where you left them — now with a new place to manage your Actions.

Segment descriptions

Segment on Webhooks activity

Now that you can connect to many new services through Webhook Actions, it’s important that you be able to segment based on webhook activity too.

Segment descriptions

Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed an integration issue in our settings that prevented Segment Source data from connecting with during setup
  • Fixed bug which had caused some links in the app to appear broken on first click
  • Fixed issues relating to Webhooks naming, metrics, and activity throughout the app
    • Updated modal copy around deleting and retrying Webhooks to correctly reference webhooks and not emails
    • Updated activity entries with improved copy for attempted webhooks and Action status for HTTP responses
    • Fixed an issue where delivery log filters were not properly sorting for Webhooks in a specific Campaign
    • Changed the Delivery Logs column order to be consistent between Emails and Webhooks

Always here to hear your thoughts, questions, and feedback! Send us your thoughts and questions at or @customerio!


Version 6.10.7: Updated status labels, Segment Descriptions, More specific timestamps

Released on Jun 29 2016

Segment descriptions

Add descriptions to your segments! Now you can describe the purpose of your more complex segments or add notes to better communicate how a segment works to your team.

Segment descriptions

Updated status labels

For clearer indication of message and subscription statuses, our status labels are now more consistent with the colors and style of the rest of the app. The colors better reflect different states, with higher contrast bolded text.

New delivery status labels

“Today” timestamp label

For email deliveries sent today, we previously showed only the time: “9:03 am”. The time is now more explicit, showing “Today at 9:03 am”. Hooray for clarity!

Standardized delete modals

We’ve updated our delete modals across the entire application to be more consistent in style and description. It’s now easier to know exactly what you’re deleting, and what impact the deletion will have.


  • We fixed tab key navigation in Composer. You can now hit tab to move from the subject to body. Efficiency!
  • Hosted images were being served from a blacklisted CDN, which could impact email deliverability. We’ve moved to a new image host and this is now fixed.
  • When searching by email address in our logs, the results would refresh with each character but return no results. Our search now correctly refreshes only when you click “search”.

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Version 6.9.5: Link Validation and Descriptive Export Titles

Released on Jun 2 2016

Email Link Validation

Review Links Button

Our Composer has a nifty new tool that analyzes all the links in the body of your e-mail and checks for errors. Previously we would try our best to render the links you created, but didn’t give you the opportunity to look at the errors we found until after you’d sent your e-mail. Now you can see exactly what links we’re tracking and validation for several common errors.

Review Links Button

Descriptive Export Titles

Your exports now have the full name of your segment in our export list page instead of the segment ID number, as well as Newsletter or Campaign names when you export metrics. It should be much easier to pick your export out of a crowd!

UI Improvements

We’ve made a small change to the Composer to make the path to exit clearer. The top right now features a primary button that is highlighted when you’ve saved your current changes.

Bugs Squashed

  • We identified several cases where we weren’t pulling the freshest data from our servers when you edited a segment or layout. We’ve fixed this, so now every time you load a page, the data is always up to date.
  • In certain situations when the code editor was open in composer, the “save changes” bar would not disappear after you discarded your changes. We now properly hide the “save changes” bar in this situation.
  • We resolved an issue where A/B tests would show incorrect dates on our performance graph. We’ve updated our graphs to display the correct ranges.
  • A/B test performance graphs would graph data from before the test started. This data is no longer included.
  • New accounts reported that editing our sample emails caused issues updating or saving changes. This was caused by a bug in our link reviewer which has now been fixed.
  • The pop-over that displays a summary of your segment was incorrectly displaying all email based conditions as “deleted e-mail”. The pop-over now correctly lists your email segment conditions.
  • We resolved a UI bug where the the name of your segment would not properly wrap in the pop-over summary. Segment names now properly wrap in the pop-over.
  • Finally we resolved several bugs where export names would not display correctly, would be blank, or the export page wouldn’t load when attempting to display our new export descriptions.

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Version 6.8.1: Newsletter Metrics Exports and Bug Hunting

Released on May 23 2016

Bulk Newsletter Metrics Exports

After we introduced individual newsletter metrics exports back in March, many of you asked for a bulk export of the metrics for all your newsletters to compare week by week.

So here it is! Visit your newsletter listing page, make sure to filter out any drafts by clicking on the “Sent” tab, then click “Export to CSV”. You’ll get a report with one line per newsletter, including all the metrics you’d expect: totals for sent, opened, clicked, and so on. Let us know what you think!

How to do bulk newsletter exports

Bug Hunting

Our QA, tech support, and engineering teams have been working hard to clean up lots of small bugs too:

  • Preview of event-triggered campaign attribute filter was unreliable. When setting up the trigger for an event campaign, you can add a filter on the event attributes. Our live event preview was not working properly if you used a filter operator other than equal to. Fixed, and also refreshed the UI.
  • Event attribute filter summary was wrong. For filters with operators other than equal to, we were also not displaying the attribute filter correctly on the campaign overview page. Fixed.
  • Composer: insert link button was confusing. When inserting a second link, you would see the previous link information in the popup. This has been cleaned up now.
  • Composer: can’t scroll to bottom of code editor. In code-editing mode, the save bar would obscure the last two lines of your email. We’ve fixed this to resize the editor properly.
  • Our campaign A/B test results page could get mixed up. If you visited a campaign with an A/B test, then navigated to another campaign without an A/B test, the UI would show you the first campaign’s test. This was a caching bug which we’ve now fixed.
  • Performance graphs were not showing full 30 days of data. On the main dashboard and the campaign overview, you can see the performance of your campaign over time. But when you selected “Last 30 days”, we would only show the last two weeks. Now you can see the whole picture.
  • Pagination totals on the newsletter listing page were wrong. Details matter! Fixed.
  • Deep links to filtered delivery logs were broken. If you sent someone the URL of a delivery logs result filtered by email, our app would lose the filter when loading. Fixed.

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Version 6.7.1: Email Logs Exports and Data Freshness

Released on May 13 2016

Email Logs Export

You asked for it, so we built it: email logs export is here. Get full data for all your sent emails, including all of our tracking information. You can filter by campaign or newsletter, specific email, or even whether the messages were opened, clicked, or converted. Give it a shot!

Email logs export

Data Freshness

When you click on a link in our application, you should always see the most recent data. We audited our front end code to make this happen throughout. No more hard refresh to make sure you’ve got the latest stats or configuration. We’re still working on a few edge cases here and there and will keep you posted.

Bugs Squashed

We also found and fixed a couple of tiny bugs:

  • A/B test graph legend colors were out of date. We used to use green and gold for these graphs, and recently updated to red and blue. When we did, the hover legend was missed, which made it a bit useless. Now working!

  • Email and drafts logs copes with network or server errors. Recent work on the email logs pages broke our handling of network errors. If the API failed when you were fetching emails, our UI would read “No emails found” instead of showing the error. Fixed.

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Version 6.4.3: Delivery Logs, Delete Modal, and Bug Fixes

Released on May 4 2016

Delivery Logs Improvements

We spruced up our delivery logs UI this week. We noticed some slowdown when you have a lot of campaigns, newsletters, and emails in your account. After some hard thinking (and a few gallons of coffee) we’ve made big improvements.

  • The delivery logs page now loads up to 9x faster than before. For example, in our test account, we reduced the load time from 4 seconds down to less than half a second.

  • We’ve also brought the UI style up to date, and A/B test emails are in line with the rest of the application:

Email filters dropdown

Better Delete Modal

Our delete modal dialog now handles API errors or network timeouts. Previously we would happily assume that everything was working perfectly, which was confusing when a delete would fail.

Delete modal waits

Now the modal stays open until we’ve confirmed that the API operation has finished. And if there’s a network error, we let you know. A small change to give you more transparency!

Bugs Squashed

We also found and fixed a few small bugs:

  • Campaign overview metric summary stats had a couple of edge case bugs. When you used the dropdown to filter the metrics by email, the links to filtered email logs were broken. We also improved this dropdown to reuse the UI work from delivery logs.

  • Clicking on the “Workflow” tab while already in the campaign workflow would show a blank page, instead of doing nothing. Fixed.

  • Campaign delivery logs had a blank space at the top. This was an unintentional side effect of the delivery logs work. Pardon our dust.

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Version 6.3.14: Dashboard, Test Email, and Export Bugfixes

Released on Apr 22 2016

This week’s focus has been on resolving bugs and continuing work on several exciting features you’ll see soon!

Bugs Squashed

There was a bug in Event-Triggered Campaigns where the UI would not properly update and the preview would disappear after an event attribute filter was added. We now display the appropriate activity.

The name of a newsletter can now be updated after you define your newsletter recipients.

Filtering out a segment is now properly represented in exports, no longer resulting in a larger dataset than intended.

Test email behavior has been changed so emails are not sent via your custom SMTP settings if is your from address, but are instead sent via’s standard settings.

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Version 6.3.4: Alerts and Bugfixes

Released on Apr 15 2016

The team is hard at work on new features, but we found some time this week to squash some pesky bugs too! We also made a small tweak to how we display alerts.

New Alert Style

Alerts now handle transitioning between multiple messages more gracefully and better match the design language of the rest of our dashboard.

New Alert Style

Bugs Squashed

We resolved two related issues in Composer and another that affected newsletters:

First, when the initial merge data was empty for an email the Composer preview would not render correctly until you changed the value of a field to trigger it.

Second, when there was an error loading the same initial merge data in Composer, the loading spinner would run indefinitely. The preview now renders as you would expect.

When you clicked the newsletter “Send” button, we’d send your newsletter, but no confirmation was given. We now correctly redirect you to the newsletter’s Reports page.

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Version 6.2.18: Segment Show Page

Released on Apr 1 2016

This week, we released a Segment Overview page that shows you more context about who is in a segment and how it’s being used. We also upgraded the framework that powers the app.

Segment Overview Page

Clicking on a specific segment from the list view will first take you to an overview. There, you’ll see the conditions used to build the segment — plus a sidebar showing how many people the segment contains and a list of which campaigns are using it.

Segment Overview Page

From that Overview, you can also choose to edit or delete that segment. With visibility into how each segment is being used for your campaigns, you can feel confident that you’re not breaking any campaigns or scheduled newsletters.

Ember Update

Now that our app is running the latest version of Ember, you should see slight speed and performance improvements!

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