Convert "triers" into buyers with onboarding emails

Are new users getting stuck before they even really get started?

You’re hustling to get people signed up. 30 days later, only a few start paying and you’re back to hustling. How do you get people to stay?

Send onboarding emails to show people how your product will make their lives better and clear their path forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Customers just want to get stuff done — and emails are part of their user experience. Thoughtful onboarding email campaigns will get more people to convert — and faster.

" allowed us to easily set up drip campaigns that increase the activation rate of new signups and, ultimately, our bottom line."
Steve Klein
CEO at

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3 Keys to Onboarding Emails that Improve Lives & Induce Conversions

  1. March your message to each new user’s beat.

    Timed autoresponder drips are dumb when it comes to responding to individual experiences in web and mobile apps. Yet just 20% of marketers are using behavioral triggers in email. Put your data to work to trigger smarter emails.

    Build sophisticated segments and finetune your email flows based on individual activity to give a completely personalized experience.

  2. Create value for people, right off the bat.

    Build trust and motivation for your new users instead of blanketing them with a dizzying list of features and nagging messages. Guide people to their first successes in your product.

    Measure your emails’ impact by setting behavioral goals to track conversions, not just clicks, and learn what motivates users from A/B tests.

  3. Consider the human.

    Customer relationships take more than one welcome autoresponder, but it only takes a few irrelevant, pestering emails for someone to hit unsubscribe. Send a progression of relevant, timely email — and you’ll provide more helpful signal than noise.

    Create a sequence of emails for each campaign, stop sending emails when people take the desired action, and calibrate timing and delivery.

" gives us the ability to highly tune our onboarding process without sounding fake or insincere. Because of the advanced segmentation and behavioral triggers, we can optimize email sequences while still giving our clients a human experience."
Casimir Loeber
Co-founder at RealtyNinja

#1 onboarding success tip

Communicate with your customers like human beings, not automated machines.

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Onboarding Emails
Built with increased their trial to paid conversion rates by 2.4x by focusing on onboarding emails.

StatusPage’s onboarding drip series focuses on video walkthroughs to show new users how to use 5 key features in their app. Their campaigns use conversion-tracking and filtering so that people only receive a follow-up message about the same feature if they didn’t try it out.

Olark convinces people to activate by personalizing their messages, using Liquid.

Olark's onboarding drip campaign follows up with new users who haven’t installed their code snippet to keep them on the path to progress. By using Liquid templating language, Olark customizes the message to each person’s plan — all within the same email! — self-service guidance for lower tiers and a higher-touch offer of help for everyone else.

Mention reaches out with a personal offer of help.

Onboarding is a crucial time for conversation. As Patrick McKenzie says, “No startup has ever died because they spent too much time talking to customers.” Mention checks in halfway into a free trial to give people the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback, and share how they define success.

In, you can send emails like this from a personal support or sales rep, set replies to go to your helpdesk software, or automate BCC email copies to CRM/sales software like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Have questions or want a demo?

"It's crucial for our team to make onboarding as fast and painless as possible because teachers are super busy. allows us to segment new signups based on their remaining action items and send our teachers finely tailored guidance based on their real-time status."
Brendan Appold
Director of Classroom Success at Motion Math

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