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Intro to Data Pipelines (CDP)

Intro to Data Pipelines (CDP)

Data management can be a headache, and for years we’ve been adding data-focused features like Reverse ETL and Mixpanel/Amplitude integrations to our cross-channel messaging product (now called Journeys).

Introducing the next step — Data Pipelines (CDP), which connects your customer data to every product in your tech stack.

Every company has a different tech stack and data model, but data silos and inaccuracies lead teams to a similar fate — disjointed customer experiences and inefficient internal processes.

Join this product showcase for a first look at how your team can use CDP to integrate new and existing tools faster, improve data accuracy across your stack, and pair with our Journeys product to build the ultimate omnichannel experience for your customers.

You’ll see how CDP empowers your team to:
  • Gain a unified view of your customers – quickly ingest, transform, and route data to and from the sources and destinations without heavy coding
  • Make decisions with full data confidence – quickly integrate historical data and maintain full-stack data accuracy with ETL & Reverse ETL
  • Drive personalized customer engagement – leverage your data to activate, convert, and retain users with omnichannel campaigns aligned to milestones in your customer journey
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Featured guests:
Brendan Fortune,

Brendan Fortune

Group Product Manager Logo

Cody Stover,

Cody Stover

Sr. Manager, Demand Gen Logo Data Pipelines

Connect first-party data to every tool in your tech stack with Data Pipelines (CDP) so you can focus on what matters most – building relationships with your customers.

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