Workspaces in

Workspaces in

Workspaces are a way of working with multiple products, sites or apps from a single account. Everyone starts with one (its name is the same as your account name), and you can add or remove them as needed.

Managing your workspaces

Workspaces are managed in your account Settings. You can get there via the dropdown in the navigation bar:


Clicking the 'Manage' button takes you to your workspace settings:

Manage workspaces

Here, you can see your current workspaces and their delivery settings, as well as add, edit or delete them (if you have more than one).

Adding a new workspace

To add a new workspace, click the Add button in the top right-hand corner. You'll be prompted to give it a name, as well as define delivery settings. You can give it a custom color, as well, to help you differentiate between them.

Add new workspace

The Delivery Settings work as follows:

  • Send messages normally: All messages send as defined in your workflow.
  • Test email delivery: Emails will send to a defined test address; other messaging types (Slack, webhooks, etc.) will send as normal.
  • Never send messages: All message delivery is disabled.

Once you have more than one workspace added, you can switch between them from the main navigation bar:

Switching between them

Editing, customizing, and removing workspaces

To edit an existing workspace's name or delivery settings, click 'Edit' in the Manage settings:

Edit button

You can change your workspace's name or delivery settings. You can also change its color.

To remove a workspace, click 'Delete' in the same row.

Delete a workspace

This is dangerous! Once deleted, not even our support team can recover a deleted workspace.

You'll be required to type in your workspace's name (case-sensitive) in order to delete it. Be certain, because this permanently deletes all campaigns, emails, customers, deliveries, metrics, and data associated with that workspace!


What data is shared across workspaces?

They're essentially separate instances of Each workspace has its own people, campaigns, metrics, and other data. No information is shared between workspaces.

What if I still have the old legacy Environments feature?

If you have this feature, you're still using our old infrastructure. Once you're migrated, each Environment will become its own workspace. Your current campaigns will carry over, but any changes you make are specific to each workspace.

The important thing to remember is that certain settings (custom SMTP and action credentials, such as Slack) - are now workspace-level, so you'll have to make individual changes.

Does billing change?

No. Our billing remains the same; you're billed for how many profiles and messages you use across all workspaces on your account.

Can I set workspace-specific permissions?

Not in V1, but it's in the plans.

Is there any way of sharing data between workspaces?

No, there isn't. Workspaces are completely separate instances of, each with their own people and associated data. This prevents sharing information and potentially messaging the wrong person.

What about testing? Are workspaces a way to do that?

Workspaces can be used in this way, but they weren't built for that purpose. We're working on better solutions to the testing/staging/production workflow within

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